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The sale starts tomorrow at noon pst SW, according to previous poster. Happened to stumble across the sale section in spite of this. Technically still 11/27/12 on the west coast...will there be some kind of error in the transaction and will the order be cancelled? 
Burberry Prorsum Heavy Knit Jacket (SMALL)- $155 -Color Navy, size Small. From the Spring/ Summer 2012 collection. It's a heavy knit jacket with the weight of a slightly chunky sweater. 100% cotton, made in Italy.   Siki Im Sweatshirt (SMALL)- $55 -Color Black, size Small. From the Ghost Ranch Collection of Spring/ Summer 2013. Basic Sweatshirt with raglan sleeve design. 100% cotton.   Golden Goose Tricolor Cardigan Size Small- $35 THIS MUST GO!! -From the...
Yeah of course they fucking sell out of the small stark in purple...seriously this shit is getting aggravating...
Tried giving away my TBS outerwear coupon, but I can't even do that. So I'll throw it to the wild. Valid until today, 10/31/2012.   15% outerwear discount one use: BOOOM!
Yeah sure, check your PM
Bought my first TOJ last month, some Starks, an Ijevan, and some MMM GATs. Needless to say, I'm drained.   That said, I have a 15% outerwear, 15% fall, and 30 USD coupon codes for TBS. No promises on the 15% fall though, and the 30 USD might have to wait a few days. I believe it's one time use so msg me if interested in the 15% outerwear.   EDIT: No more codes left unfortunately.
Some current season Common Projects on sale at Revolve in somewhat normal sizes. Would personally go for the Vintage lows in burgundy, but already have too many sneakers at the...
A bit off topic, but can anybody enlighten me on what #menswear is? I've seen that term a few times on this forum
you beat me to it. Already placed my order though. Valid until "the morning" it says, 9am
Come on people, make me an offer! Brand-new and unworn.   So long as there is no low-balling, then the offer probably will not be refused.
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