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Damn vultures snagging all the Givenchy I wanted within seconds. A lot of exclusions though all around
Alright cool, thanks for the information
Was thinking of picking up the shirting. Would you say TTS, size down or what? Never had the shirting but I take a small in Band of Outsiders.
Anybody know where I can find some Ervell 100% cotton twill jeans in either black or grey size 30?
Size III would be equivalent to a size 36. In other words, size III=size small and is the smallest size that Schneider makes.
46, or small
Can anybody speak on how much the Stark stretches? It's pretty much a perfect fit right now, so I don't want it getting any looser if it can be avoided. 
  I'm 5'10 130lbs, don't know my chest size, but I usually take a small. The current season Stark small fits me perfectly. Granted, it's a bit long length wise, but the overall fit of the body looks great. Don't have experience with the Apex so I can't speak for that.
So why is that ln-cc code not working now? Funny how it stops working when I'm ready to purchase...
CDG Play polo- $130  SOLD   -Color, navy with red heart. Great fit and still brand-new. Size Small.   CDG Play tees $100 $80 $65 each (SMALL) -Bought earlier this year. Never worn (styles change). BNWT. Black w/ red heart SOLD and Black w/ white heart    Band of Outsiders Yale Blue Oxford- $110 $100 $85 $75 $55 -Like new condition, worn a few times. From fall/winter 2011 collection. Color: Yale blue. Size: small.     Band of Outsiders Polo shirts- $60 $40 $30...
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