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Was thinking of picking up the shirting. Would you say TTS, size down or what? Never had the shirting but I take a small in Band of Outsiders.
Anybody know where I can find some Ervell 100% cotton twill jeans in either black or grey size 30?
Size III would be equivalent to a size 36. In other words, size III=size small and is the smallest size that Schneider makes.
46, or small
Can anybody speak on how much the Stark stretches? It's pretty much a perfect fit right now, so I don't want it getting any looser if it can be avoided. 
  I'm 5'10 130lbs, don't know my chest size, but I usually take a small. The current season Stark small fits me perfectly. Granted, it's a bit long length wise, but the overall fit of the body looks great. Don't have experience with the Apex so I can't speak for that.
So why is that ln-cc code not working now? Funny how it stops working when I'm ready to purchase...
CDG Play polo- $130  SOLD   -Color, navy with red heart. Great fit and still brand-new. Size Small.   CDG Play tees $100 $80 $65 each (SMALL) -Bought earlier this year. Never worn (styles change). BNWT. Black w/ red heart SOLD and Black w/ white heart    Band of Outsiders Yale Blue Oxford- $110 $100 $85 $75 $55 -Like new condition, worn a few times. From fall/winter 2011 collection. Color: Yale blue. Size: small.     Band of Outsiders Polo shirts- $60 $40 $30...
The sale starts tomorrow at noon pst SW, according to previous poster. Happened to stumble across the sale section in spite of this. Technically still 11/27/12 on the west coast...will there be some kind of error in the transaction and will the order be cancelled? 
Burberry Prorsum Heavy Knit Jacket (SMALL)- $155 -Color Navy, size Small. From the Spring/ Summer 2012 collection. It's a heavy knit jacket with the weight of a slightly chunky sweater. 100% cotton, made in Italy.   Siki Im Sweatshirt (SMALL)- $55 -Color Black, size Small. From the Ghost Ranch Collection of Spring/ Summer 2013. Basic Sweatshirt with raglan sleeve design. 100% cotton.   Golden Goose Tricolor Cardigan Size Small- $35 THIS MUST GO!! -From the...
New Posts  All Forums: