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Slightly worn APC Petit Standard Raw denim. Purchased size 28, which is equivalent to 30. Almost no stretching, and the denim is softening up but still raw for the most part. Completely unaltered and unhemmed. Waist measures 30 aligned, all of the other measurements are standard to APC petit standard. Bought them from Context and the measurement chart is what to go by   Slight creasing around the thighs on the front and around the knees on the front and back. Camera is...
(US FREE SHIPPING; INTERNATIONAL ADD $20)   -Like new condition. Antique silver tone brass ring. Has a nice vintage and worn in look to it. Really high quality. Would keep if my fingers were a bit fatter.    Post is pretty self explanatory but as always PM for questions.   SOLD
TOJ Suede Harrington- $575  $545 $530 $515 (FREE SHIPPING USA; INTERNATIONAL ADD $20) Like-new condition, left my house less than 10 times. Didn't wear in rain, snow, etc. Willing to negotiate a price, PM to make an offer.   Color is lighter navy almost persian blue shade. feel free to ask any questions. Size is a small/ 46 with modified shorter sleeves and shorter length. I'm 5'9 and pretty skinny. Fits perfectly on me, just not my style...
^^ Pretty good purchase man. My funds won't allow me to keep up haha
Damn vultures snagging all the Givenchy I wanted within seconds. A lot of exclusions though all around
Alright cool, thanks for the information
Was thinking of picking up the shirting. Would you say TTS, size down or what? Never had the shirting but I take a small in Band of Outsiders.
Anybody know where I can find some Ervell 100% cotton twill jeans in either black or grey size 30?
Size III would be equivalent to a size 36. In other words, size III=size small and is the smallest size that Schneider makes.
46, or small
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