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Did you get the bag wet before you put Reno on it?  If so, did you see the white water spots then?   I would be hard pressed to think that the white spots came from Obenauf's LP...
Yes - the Lombards have rubber "executive" soles as well    
Dimple - always
So have you made a decision?
Is there any posting of the method he uses?  
But the previous picture has a tin of black wax...
I do not disagree...but I think the OP was asking about why his older, used brushes "worked" better than his newer ones.  I believe cotton (and just a plain ol' tshirt - folded to give it some weight and then rubbed around to buff works wonders.   But my older brushes work better to distribute the wax and Reno around than my newer ones - the newer ones have bigger and more noticeable brush strokes.   I guess use will just get them to where we want them.
You mean "Nokona?"   If you are going to endorse a product, at least spell it right!  jk...   Nokona is a nice mit - but personally i prefer the Rawlings Gold Glove, Heart of the Hide
good question, bump
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