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Could someone weigh in on what the best Black Friday deals are for [online] menswear stores? 
Carhartt RAW DENIM japanese denim.    
Three different sizes of NWT   Carhartt Heritage Raw Denim
  You're math is right, but the comparable AW12/13 shirt direct from OS costs 99pounds...   Which is basically the same shirt, but just with an eton collar, as opposed to button down.
f'ing gorgeous. damn. just damn.
Good detail on a new pair of Rogue Territory Natural Selvedge Trousers...
Many thanks, LA GUY for the additional information.   Just so it's clear, as I posted earlier, I'm happy to send the items back, as I expressed in an earlier post.   And, while I do not wish to upset an Admin, I was hardly "calling out" a hall monitor. Repeatedly calling someone a "moron" is, sorta by definition, jerk behavior.    I was simply qualifying it as such... ;-)
Thank you, LA GUY.   Now that's the sort of wisdom I expect from the Style Forum big wigs!   Seriously, much appreciated.   And, BTW, you got some low-level hall monitor running around here kind of acting like a jerk.   Cheers.
According to what? The FTC disagrees with you.   But legalities aside, I am more than happy to do the honest thing and send it back. So long as they send me a pre-paid envelope. USPS can't track/delivery confirm international mail. And I live in a rural area, so I'm not driving 30 mins+ to ship it UPS/FED EX.
I ignored hall monitors before (in high school) and it never really worked against me.
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