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Is this a size 3?
What size shoe do you normally wear?
Brand new with tags Wings + Horn 34 slim fit selvage denim cone mills denim as seen here:   http://shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/bottoms/products/slim-fit-selvage-denim-raw   Price is $115 shipped within ConUS. Contact me for shipping rates elsewhere.   Measurements in inches: Waist (around exterior): 36" Rise Front: 11.5" Rise Back: 14" Length from middle crotch seam to bottom of leg: 35" Length from waist to bottom of leg: 45.5".Leg opening: 15" Button...
Can you provide measurements on them?
Are you looking for it to fit like 511s, or are you okay with a "slim but not quite skinny" cut?  
Didn't quite live up to the potential it flashed early on, but I enjoyed the lions share of it, and am excited for "season" 2. It is brutal to get so much at once, and then nothing for so long.   Also, the reporter lived in my wife's old apartment. Fun fact, the pizza place showed from the exterior (Ninos) is widely speculated to be a drug front! Good pizza though.  
  These things are gorgeous. Thanks.   (other suggestions still welcome)
Any recommendations on where to buy a pair of walnut wholecuts for less than $500?
Just keep making them. It has basically just become the younger expendables.  
I love this show. I find the characters to be interesting, obnoxious, original, and unintentionally hilarious (the show is self aware though). I've never understood the amount of vitriol aimed its way, even before it aired. For some reason it's one of those shows that people can't seem to say "it's not for me" and leave alone.  
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