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And boom goes the dynamite. In.
 Nope...but if you'd like to share your code...
I guess I'm not good enough to get an exclusive code. My top left says:   In stores & online: 25% off closet MVPs for WOMEN, MEN, GIRLS & BOYS & extra 40% off final sale styles.* Use code FINDAFAVE. details  
 Where are you seeing that?
This would be my first pair of shell boots (and only my second epaulet order). What would the pricing be like?   I'm thinking I'd double leather, but are there good examples of the different look of the lasts out there?
I'm in the same boat. I could probably fit into a 10 (I'm a 9.5 in barrie) but I don't want a boot that expensive that doesn't fit perfectly.
 Whelp. Grabbed the Driggs Latte Donegal Tweeds in 33. My first purchase from you guys. Thank god none of the blazers are in my size...
My wallet is completely unprepared.
They really need a one or two pocket version of that CPO. Right now it looks like something Kenneth Cole would sell.
 And going fast.
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