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Any word on when the Alden x Epaulet Color #8 Alt Wien Shell Cordovan Boots that were preordered in January will be in? I can't seem to even recall when they were estimated to be delivered.
 I received mine a week ago. Solid for sure. They shrink on non low heat in the dryer, which actually worked in my favor as they were a tad baggy on me (6' 165 and ordered a small).
 Allow me to respond in a smug way that makes it clear I'm better than you. Oh wait, you took care of that. Expecting a company that already asks you to wait months for a product (which is part of the deal...I get it) to be accurate with delivery estimations doesn't fall into whiny baby category, IMO.
Those with roughouts, what  kind of laces are you using?
 Oh man, the selvedge oxfords look awesome. Would you ever consider lessening or losing the scoops for a few runs? I love your shirts, but the scoops make tucking impossible (sides come out) and look weird untucked (opinion). I haven't measured, but they seem so much more dramatic than other brands.
And boom goes the dynamite. In.
 Nope...but if you'd like to share your code...
I guess I'm not good enough to get an exclusive code. My top left says:   In stores & online: 25% off closet MVPs for WOMEN, MEN, GIRLS & BOYS & extra 40% off final sale styles.* Use code FINDAFAVE. details  
 Where are you seeing that?
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