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Love my leather MA-1 but really jonsin for that wool now.... if I order now I'll probably get it in time for next year's Spring season  
  Was actually a Daypack lol  
  I'm 5'10 175lbs and my body measurements are 1" more than yours. 23.2"/25.4"   [[SPOILER]]
I want to add a nylon strap (or a different type depending on what people recommend) to the inside of my leather jacket, much like RO jackets:     I'm wondering if anyone has a place they can recommend I take it to have it done in NYC, and if there's anything specific I should tell a tailor so he/she doesn't totally mess this up. Seems like a pretty straight forward job but since I don't own a RO jacket (or any other jacket that has this feature) to bring to the...
    very true lol
Has anyone here put a shoulder strap in their TOJ like this?     Thoughts on this?
migsy999, it sounds like your order must've slipped through the cracks. It's rare, but it does happen. As much as you say Charly is rude, you have to understand he's the only one that can really help at this point. Say your order really did get overlooked, without looking up your information, you'll never see your jacket. You should just let Charly help you. The jackets really are worth it. 
I wonder if each style of jacket in lamb comes in a different thickness. I've posted this before but the lambskin MA-1 is EXTREMELY thin, could definitely wear it today in NYC (70degrees) without a problem. The quilted moto is very thick and the MDR is somewhere inbetween; more on the thin side. Anyone else have the styles I've mentioned and can confirm this, or is it completely random?    edit- i have a caliper at home so i guess i could post some measurements...
  5'11 175lbs   front 23.2 back 25.4
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