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  lol i have three. need some nice tees to wear under the TOJs now
  I know many different brands offer scoop neck tees like this, but does anyone know which brand Kanye is usually wearing? From the fit, it looks like he wears the same brand...
i dont understand how the ribbing on the cuffs got to be that long... did that version come with a long cuff that you had to roll up?
This might be a dumb question so I'd rather not bother Charly with it since I know he's totally swamped with emails but; does the length of the jacket for the A2 include the ribbing? I want to replace my Schott bomber which is a bit too short for me.
Looking to place an order for the TOJ0 but wondering how you guys to wear it in terms of length. A stock 50 looks good to me except the body length. Should it be as short as a Moto, or a bit longer?
damn, how you have three TOJ totes ribkin?
Damn... I feel so bad for those who are just starting to get to know TOJ :'( So grateful I was able to pick up the jawnz I did. Best of luck to you Drew and hope you can revive TOJ in the near future.   On a side note; someone should step up and order like 5 of each size in the TOJ0 and sell that shit 6 months from now.
couldn't wait; 44 has some room so i decided to size down to a uk9 found out uk11 = eu45
im a EU44 cp achilles what UK size do i get? 11 or 9? only two sizes left; 11 or 9? Thanks
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