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Yeah today was the first decent day to be able to wear a backpack without worrying about a sweatyback. Great fit dude
great fit  organizm
Daypack has arrived and it's beautiful. It's actually really huge... but I think it will hang nicely with a tablet and a few books. Here are some really quick pics [[SPOILER]] Now I gotta find time to go out and pick up a protectant for the bag.
dafuk... my dog started barking so i look out the window and i saw the mailman carrying my package back into his truck and driving off... didn't even ring the buzzer or anything. rude
Is Bemberg worth the upgrade?   I placed my order for Leather MA-1 back in April but wondering if it's even worth bothering Charly to see if I could still upgrade it...   Also, not sure if I want to push my jacket back to the end of the line just to upgrade the lining   Emailed Charly about it. It wouldn't hurt to ask...   Update; Charly was able to upgrade the lining and told me that it wouldn't affect leadtimes. Semi-bad news is that now I know...
  I have a 39" chest, 5'11, 175lbs and was told to go 50, so trust charly and go with the 48.
YESSS bows if you got your package today, i should be getting mine too!!! :) keeping my fingers crossed that my leather ma-1 will magically be inside my TOJ daypack, although I ordered it back in April lol
Isn't the bottom of the daypack Goat? But either way, I'm super excited to get the bag... secretly loving the fact that I didn't get tracking either... the suspense is killing me. Anyday could be like Christmas morning! :)
  I've asked this a few times in the past with no answer; which protectant do you plan to use?
damn the daypack is HUGE!
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