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TOJ weather all week   [[SPOILER]]
  AMAZING weather this weekend in NYC... had to throw on the MA-1
I have about 20 dress shirts to ship from NYC to S. Korea and I was wondering if there are any tips on how I should package them. Should I throw them into one of those vacuum sealed bags and then into a box, or should I put each shirt into an individual ziplock bag and then stack them up in a box, or should I just lay the shirts on top of eachother and put them into a larger, flatter box?
Dude that looks fine... if the armhole is too small itll stretch. Mine was really tight at first, almost felt like I was losing circulation but it stretched out really fast and now its not even noticeable. Everything else looks okay...
Love my leather MA-1 but really jonsin for that wool now.... if I order now I'll probably get it in time for next year's Spring season  
  Was actually a Daypack lol  
  I'm 5'10 175lbs and my body measurements are 1" more than yours. 23.2"/25.4"   [[SPOILER]]
I want to add a nylon strap (or a different type depending on what people recommend) to the inside of my leather jacket, much like RO jackets:     I'm wondering if anyone has a place they can recommend I take it to have it done in NYC, and if there's anything specific I should tell a tailor so he/she doesn't totally mess this up. Seems like a pretty straight forward job but since I don't own a RO jacket (or any other jacket that has this feature) to bring to the...
    very true lol
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