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  ??   nvm, just saw the video too lol.
  I prefer the 2zip myself. Just looks a lot cleaner in my opinion. I feel like people just take Drew's word and convince themselves to like it, but I only like the 2zip more because I had been eying a moto from Schott for about a year before I saw the TOJ moto.  
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  can anyone identify the cardigan worn by james franco (far left) in this scene? or recommend something similar
As much as everyone says to "trust Charly," it's just common sense to take the measurements he suggests and compare it to a well fitting jacket you have. Hell, even sketch out the measurements he gives you on a big board and throw your jacket on top of those measurements and see how it fits. The measurements Charly suggested for my first jacket were actually quite smaller than what I needed. I compared it to a jacket I already owned and increased the p2p, arm width and...
woke up this morning with a pretty bad sore throat and have been feeling fatigued and sluggish all day.. i usually hit the gym around 6pm. what's the limiting factor to determine whether or not i should just sit this one out? so far no fever, but extremely fatigued (possibly from monday's leg workout) and sleepy, although i got a good  7hrs of sleep last night.
Now that you guys mention it, my MDR is significantly thinner than my moto. I do remember trying on my moto for the first time thinking it was a lot heavier than the MDR and thicker too, and I just thought it was because my MDR was broke in, and the moto was just brand new... nothing really to complain about though.
Yeah looking at old emails with Charly suggested a 17.5". But it looks like I sent some measurements of another jacket and we agreed to make it 18".   I assumed the best things to compare are my moto sizes; shoulders 18.0 chest (p2p) 21.4 midsection 18.6 waist 19.0 body length, front 22.2 body length, back 24.4 sleeve length, from shoulder 24 sleeve width @ pit 7.5 sleeve width @ elbow 6.3 sleeve width @ cuff 5.3   and the A2 that I'm looking to get; Shoulders:...
Was measured up by a tailor a little over a year ago, but should still be relatively the same, since my first TOJ still fits well.   Shoulders 15.5" Chest 39" Waist 35" Sleeve 25" Bicep 14"
Need help sizing an A2; Looking to purchase a used A2 with the following measurements;   Shoulders: 18.5" Sleeve: 26.5" Pit to Pit: 22" Waist: 19.75" Front Length: 23" Back Length: 25" Width @pit: 7.25" Width @elbow: 6.25" Width @cuff: 5.25"   and here are the measurements I sent last for my moto   5'11 175lbs shoulders 18.0 chest (p2p) 21.4 midsection 18.6 waist 19.0 body length, front 22.2 body length, back 24.4 sleeve...
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