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  Damn! Didn't know you could customize the leather MA-1 either =\ That cell-phone pocket is seriously amazing.
Tracking for my leather MA-1 received today... but not all that excited to be honest... just knowing that the jacket will have to hang in my closet for the next 2-3 months makes me sad :( Okay... maybe I'm a little excited to see the bemberg upgrade =\
    Schott NYC's leather MA-1 looks very similar to the Charly special MA-1. Dying to get my leather MA-1, in the meantime, do the guys who own one want to show some more pics? Definitely not enough pics of the leather MA-1 in the gallery. I'd love to see one out in the wild, not just shots taken in the bathroom.
^^^ O M G
oh I didnt even notice that the zippers are centered... I guess its the way I close it :P but either way, easily my favorite bag and my daily go-to from now on.
Had a buddy take some quick pics of the Daypack for me.   [[SPOILER]]
I don't know, never owned anything suede before so I thought I needed to throw some protectant on it for daily use. I guess it'll be fine. It should look better beat up anyways.
Bows, did you throw on any suede protectant on your bag yet? I'm sure it got a little wet today from the rain, how did it hold up?
Yeah today was the first decent day to be able to wear a backpack without worrying about a sweatyback. Great fit dude
great fit  organizm
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