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 I think that looks perfect.     kinda how mine fits and it feels great in the shoulders in my opinion. also, where are your jeans from?
Ahh I see. Yeah then it would make sense for me to go up to a 50. I don't think I can pull off that skinny varsity jacket look. Thanks for the info.
Thanks. The openings were extremely big so I took it to a tailor in the UES and had them taper it from the elbow down. I literally coudln't sleep the first few nights after dropping it off because I was afraid they would mess it up but it came out PERFECTLY. So happy I did it. Some people might've seen my jacket in the marketplace; I was ready to sell it because I couldn't stand that bootcut sleeve... but so glad I fixed it :) <-- this is before the taper  Thank you I'm...
      Fixed my "bootcut" sleeves and with the nice weather in NYC lately, my MDR's been getting more action. It's holding up well; only places that's showing wear is the end of the sleeves and where the front zippers are at the bottom as it tends to get caught when I'm zipping up.
  Looking for a black/navy body TOJ0 in a size 50. I am 39" chest; 5'11, 175lbs and was told to order a 50 by Charly. If you are same measurements or similar but wear a 48, please let me know as I'll just take anything that fits me.   Ship to NJ or meet in NYC   Thanks
WTB: TOJ0 sz 50
looking for a 50 TOJ varsity.
Backpacks are definitely the most convenient for me as a college student. I have a Missionworkshop rucksack but don't really like how it's shaped of it so I don't wear it too often. The Herschel seems like it's way too simple and the NikeSB is nice too but i feel like its a bit too "techy" to wear with such a sleek leather jacket.
what do you think would go better with black leathers? nikesb or herschel?  
For those who wear a backpack, what kind of bag do you wear with your TOJ(s)? I'd want to ideally have one that goes well with all of my jackets (MDR, leather MA-1 and quilted Moto)
New Posts  All Forums: