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take comfort in knowing that you are all investors in Drew's restaurant and his M series.   im sure if you went to korea with your paypal receipt, he will give you free burgers and a nice sit in his car.
 this is how i'll get my toj0 :) ohh sweet schadenfreude
 Well then... today I learned.........
 Thank you. MDR is by far my favorite piece in my entire wardrobe. It's so versatile. On the colder days I layer it under a peacoat and it's absolutely perfect. 
      my lamb MDR is amazing tho. just the ma1 is super thin. guess it was a bad batch? i dont know...
 they offer the ma-1 in calf?
i think i got it august of 2013   honestly, it's a great jacket for spring nights into early fall. then i transition over into my moto and MDR (trying to stay positive lol)
how about some pics and long-term reviews of everyone's jackets?   so thin. like wearing a hefty bag. but its so pretty.
 i had a note 2 that fit into the pocket with plenty of room.  eh its not exactly a deal breaker. i obviously still love the jacket. i guess i just felt a bit "cheated" that i paid the same price as my other leathers and I got less of it lol but its still a beautiful jacket and get plenty of compliments for it. 
    I have 3 black lamb jackets. MDR, quilted moto and the MA-1. MDR is perfect. It's buttery soft and thick enough that I won't worry if I walk too close to a brick wall. Jacket came in about 3 months back in the day.Quilted moto is really thick. However, I suspect it's because of the quilting/padding that makes it thick. The body is about the same thickness as my MDR but the sleeves are thicker (quilting).MA-1 is really thin. I mean... if I push hard enough with my...
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