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looking for a 50 TOJ varsity.
Backpacks are definitely the most convenient for me as a college student. I have a Missionworkshop rucksack but don't really like how it's shaped of it so I don't wear it too often. The Herschel seems like it's way too simple and the NikeSB is nice too but i feel like its a bit too "techy" to wear with such a sleek leather jacket.
what do you think would go better with black leathers? nikesb or herschel?  
For those who wear a backpack, what kind of bag do you wear with your TOJ(s)? I'd want to ideally have one that goes well with all of my jackets (MDR, leather MA-1 and quilted Moto)
  I'm really wanting to add this strap/sling to my TOJ leathers and wondering if anyone knows how to do it, or if you can post some pictures of your Rick jackets with the sling so I can see just how it was done.   Thanks
Bought it on sale, tried to keep it since it was a Large but I really need a medium to get that slim fit so im selling it.   http://www.7forallmankind.com/Moto_Jacket_in_Black_Coated_Indigo/pd/np/254602/p/8060.html#   free shipping to conus
 Jacket is brand new; never worn. Free shipping to US only. non-smoker   will also meet in manhattan for transaction.
  leather ma-1 + daypack v2
selling my daypack v2   SOLD
Took this bag out maybe 5 times max. I just don't use it enough and would like to sell it now.   Non-smoker. No damage whatsoever.   Free shipping or pickup in lower Manhattan.
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