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 I doubt he bought it flat out. I'm sure he put down a decent deposit from our batch of orders. Now that he's got extra money, he throws it into his restaurant and some nice toys. Just playing devil's advocate i guess. 
It sucks that Drew, who was unwilling to sell the company to retain some sort of "legacy," is letting the company die in such a fashion.    I feel bad because a lot of you first time buyers will end up never owning a TOJ simply because first orders almost never come out right, and you're sure as hell not going to be placing a second order.    Also, you cannot file a dispute with your credit card company or PayPal after 90 days.    I don't think you guys can even...
LOL remember when people were posting about whether or not they should be working out during the ~16 week wait period?   "Am I going to get too big for the jacket!?"   Now we gotta worry about staying alive before the jackets ever arrive
 probably not. making people wait seems to be his new thing.
take comfort in knowing that you are all investors in Drew's restaurant and his M series.   im sure if you went to korea with your paypal receipt, he will give you free burgers and a nice sit in his car.
 this is how i'll get my toj0 :) ohh sweet schadenfreude
 Well then... today I learned.........
 Thank you. MDR is by far my favorite piece in my entire wardrobe. It's so versatile. On the colder days I layer it under a peacoat and it's absolutely perfect. 
      my lamb MDR is amazing tho. just the ma1 is super thin. guess it was a bad batch? i dont know...
 they offer the ma-1 in calf?
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