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im more concerned about how he went deaf overnight... @impolyt_one did you blast music through your ipod earbuds? thats kinda scary. i dont want that. 
that was actually a pretty good read, not gonna lie.  10/10 would read again.
 i definitely smelled my dog's poop this morning before i stepped in it. i just had too much faith in him than to poop in my bedroom... shame on me. 
 so drew is putting up a list of jackets to be shipped (to buy more time) but this guy above says hes already received one of his jackets...?
So Drew buys some more time.... 
how many of u guys ordered a toj0 in a sz50 NOT realizing you need to size up ?
[–]TOJUpdate 1 point 35 minutes ago It's different for MTO products that aren't ever delivered. I know several people who have done chargebacks to TOJ in 2015.
whoever this is:   is claiming that there have been people who have successfully gotten their refund this year (2015). 
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