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how many of u guys ordered a toj0 in a sz50 NOT realizing you need to size up ?
[–]TOJUpdate 1 point 35 minutes ago It's different for MTO products that aren't ever delivered. I know several people who have done chargebacks to TOJ in 2015.
whoever this is:    http://www.reddit.com/user/TOJUpdate   is claiming that there have been people who have successfully gotten their refund this year (2015). 
how many people have successfully contacted their bank/credit card company to file a chargeback for a refund?
you BETTER have bought that for $18 before drew sees it and scoops it up lol
 oh i havent been here in a while lol. i actually forgot about this entire mess until i saw a reddit post this morning;  Temple of Jawz leather goods update: employees who left "want to put TOJ behind them" and business details were "out of their hands" - expect further delays? http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/37g9nt/temple_of_jawz_leather_goods_update_employees_who/
would it be too farfetched to say that he probably took all your money and put it into the restaurant assuming it would become an overnight success and he would profit back from it quickly enough to fulfill all your orders? and now he's selling the restaurant because he needs the money back to make all your jackets? 
 in all seriousness... is Drew Keith even his real name? I always thought that was an alias he made up to get into the online retail business. maybe it's just me, but two first names always sounds so made up to me lol. 
 I think it's a little too late for that, and i'm pretty sure he knows this too. 
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