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most styleforum posters are effete, uptight assholes. 
it is always apparent in gbr's replies that he simultaneously hates that people ask questions here, but can't help but answer them.
I just bought my first four grenadine ties from Paul.  He is indeed fun to talk to and I am thrilled with the ties, especially for the price.
I am sick of people saying "that has been discussed before" all the time.
What an insufferable asshole you are.
Ignore this curmudgeon.
You are the asshole, asshole.
This is foolish. Why in Gods name would you recommend black cap toes when he isnt even going to wear a jacket? Is he supposed to wear the same pair daily? And i dislike this style forum default to one brand and style.
What an obnoxious asshole.
Amen. Gbr needs to be off this board.
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