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I'll be there. Funny I have actually never been inside that store.
Having lived in HKG and still frequent for my wardrobe acquisitions, I've concluded I'll patronise only Dream Bespoke (where I ordered one sport jacket and 6 shirts) and Il Sarto (~6 suits > 20 shirts).   Both Lee Baron suits I made have quality issues as the threads loose and shirt buttons are horribly tight with poor finish. Service was rushed and as of the latest update, 2 piece canvas is in high 5000$HK range which is expensive. Tai Pan Row's style is conservative...
 Your review is great. Given that there are only 2 of you, how many tailors do you or have you covered? I'd be glad to chip in.
hst, when did you order your G&G MTO?
Depending on your size, Suitsupply is always a great choice.   Everybody knows of Garrison Bespoke thanks to their great marketing and proximity to Financial District. They are very trendy but I don't see value.   Great reviews of Trend Custom Tailor and Michel's Bespoke though I have never tried any of them.
I emailed G&G today: "There is a growing voice on Styleforum regarding your MTO delays. I originally ordered my shoes in October 2013 expected delivery in Feb 2014.  Now 8 months on, I still don't have my shoes and Leatherfoot informed me I can expect them in Aug 2014, a full 10 months from my order.   I appreciate the shoes and understand there are delays in business but a 3-4 months original ETA to the current 10 months is very frustrating. Worse is there is lack of...
I ordered brown hatch grain single monk on TG73 last. I was informed a 4 month delivery but now 10 months. I was informed their new factory and store caused the delay and now according to some posters here - hatch grain from tannery. I understand delays happen but 10 months is upsetting and lack of communication is worse.
I ordered a MTO single monk in Oct.2013 expecting delivery Feb. 2014. The latest notice is expected to arrive Aug. 2014, 10 months. I am disappointed & gives me pause from future MTO.
Louis Vuitton Men Derby with 5 holes lace patent leather. Put Topy on sole since new. Worn once. Measurements: Toe to heel outsole: 12 inches / 30.5 cm Toe to heel insole: 11.75 inches / 30 cm Wideest point outsole: 4 inches / 10 cm
TOM FORD Tassel Loafers with a dark brown burnish toe. Marked Tom Ford size 9 is really a US 9.5-10. I bought this on eBay and it's too big for me. Come with Dust bag but no box Measurements: Toe to heel outsole: 12.125 inches / 31 cm Toe to heel insole: 12 inches / 30 cm Widest point outsole: 4.25 inches / 11 cm   Shipping in North America $20
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