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Found this tie the week before July 4th.  
A few finds this week.   Orvis shooting jacket (44R)     [[SPOILER]]     Paul Stuart (~44R)     [[SPOILER]]     Black Pal Zileri (38R) for life's somber moments (picked up a Gray Pal Zileri Gruppo sartoriale as well)     [[SPOILER]]   HSM 40R tan suit     [[SPOILER]]       BB Linen Suit (45R)     [[SPOILER]]     Seize sur Vingt tie.                  Battistoni (an orphan) which I wasn't too convinced on picking up but still...       [[SPOILER]]
I was aware of the reputation of John Weitz but it was $5 and in really good condition. Expecting nothing much out of it. I also found a suit from Hugo Boss, it was grey and shiny. Shiny might be wrong word, it was glossy mixed with shiny.Something like this...
Regarding the Kate Spage, I just learnt it is probably a fake. Ah $4 nothing much to loose.Maybe figure out a way to remove that tag.
And finally for the Mrs.  
Visited some of the stores I haven't hit in a year. A few decent finds...   Allen Edmonds Park Avenue - burgundy in my size (9.5D)       Ties. Hardy Aimes (available), A couple of tweed ties. The middle tweed tie (available) has speckles of color.     [[SPOILER]]   Chester Barrie for Barney's. Tagged 43S. Available.     [[SPOILER]]   John Weitz blazer(available). I have not measured it yet but marked for Big and Tall.     [[SPOILER]]
A couple of finds over the weekend.   Sulka     [[SPOILER]]       Polo Ralph Lauren. Could anyone tell me what style of pleats are these?       [[SPOILER]]
Up for sale is a Hickey Freeman shirt in Medium size. Excellent Condition.    Make Hickey Freeman Size & Fit (neck || sleeve) Medium Cuff Barrell Condition Excellent Price (USD) 50
For sale is a Brioni dress shirt in excellent condition.    Make Brioni Size & Fit (neck || sleeve) 16.5/42 || N/a Cuff Barrell Condition Excellent Price (USD) 80  
For sale is a Polo Ralph Lauren jacket.   Made in Italy Throat Latch Surgeon's cuff Ticket Pocket   Outer fabric is flax100   Measurements:   Jacket tagged as 40 SH Shoulder - 18.5" Pit-to-Pit - 20" Length - 28" Sleeve Length - 23"
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