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soooooo ... who won?
mine was also post-soak ... weird.  
i've owned mine for 6mos but only 1mo effective wear ... still bleeding.
  Wow.  This sounds awesome!  I'm only 12 days in to mine (i keep a tally that i write on the pocket bags), and these are quite nice.  I can only wonder what they'll look like at 702 days!
At first, I kind of didn't like the idea of a pink inseam and selvage, wishing it was more of the "burnt peach" like the BiG collabs - but on the denim that's as dark as the BOM003/0702, the pink is actually quite nice (it's less glaring when it's on real legs rather than when the jeans are folded when you first get them).  And with the electric-blue fades we're seeing, the pink will be kind-of-a-fun complement.  Those are just my thoughts ...
Ok.  As someone who's 5'8" and 122 lbs, I assure you that the BOM003 will be suitably small/skinny in their 29" sizes - check 'em out.  Skinny enough to not look like a diaper, but large enough to not be considered tights.  Hell - I wear size 31" in that (the size 30" crushed my pelvis), and I normally wear size 28" skinny guy in N&F.
  It's a shame I can only wear my denim 2 days a week (suit and tie the other days ...).  i'd love to get in on this, but it's not like i'd stand a chance vs. daily-wearers.
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