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Angerfist is the closest thing to metal I will listen to.  RAISE YOUR FIST!
  What do you like exactly?   Do you ever venture out to anything further than 120 bpm or the standard 4|4?    From what I gather, you listen to progressive, commercial house, and top 40 so here is a list radio shows:   Afrojack - Jacked Chuckie - BBC Radio 1 Zane Lowe - BBC Radio 1 Pete Tong - Essential Selection Tiesto - Club Life SVD - Identity Eric Prydz - Epic Radio Markus Shulz - Global DJ Broadcast Steve Angello - Dance Department   I do not listen to any of the...
jump rope and HIIT   burpees, suicides, push ups, squat holds, walking lunges, mountain climbers, short sprints, high knees, jumping jacks, etc etc 
HIIT will work for you.  Suicides, burpees, push ups, squat holds, lunges, mountain climbers, sprints, high knees, and etc
All groups are not created equal.  Since majority of people who tend these classes vary in skill level; they will either hold you back or vice versa.  However, they are exceptions.  They are certain exercises that works better in groups while other exercises works better in private sessions.  So what classes are you looking into exactly?
bruised ribs?
Nope, I feel that product is a waste of money.   10 more fuckin lbs and I'm free from this cut uggh!
  Spot on. 
I need something proxy from the UK.  Pm me
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