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Done.. !
Its Amsterdam 1970,  A young yorkshire skinhead in wrangler double denim, button down and Dms strolls the streets lost, -   high on a cocktail of cheap drinks and local cultural participation... doing his best morecambe and wise impressions...     (edit : does it still count if its NOT costume and we wear it everyday ? )
Howdy all.   What Am I wiping, what have i Missed ? 
Havent posted in a while. Good few pics recently I havent seen..nice ! Thought some may enjoy these that I just bagged (they have now been mirror shined naturally !) :    
Didnt we all...been thinking I was older for fucking years ​I reckon Ill be like Benjamin button and as I get older Ill start wearing trendy trainers, caps and that, start listening to house music,haha...
As a 21 year old reader of the thread I can truly comment that many girls today just entirely dont 'get it'...
From the same weekend...Our mate Chris, Me and Mr twisttag (Levi)..
 I take great offence if you mean me in the blazer, I look fuck all like Robbie Williams !!  Im ruling out Buttons stood next to me, because you said 'young'. Great weekend !
Shared by a soulie friend... Manchester car park early 1969 after coming out of the Twisted wheel
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