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The jacket is quite long. I've never seen an R that long; that's all I meant.
Tagged R but seems like a L
My size but they are too long! Damn
Too many ties or I would be all over some of these
I with the coat wasn't as long
I've pull in 5 orders in the last 6 months and processed 2 returns. Shipping notices were always less than 24hours after placing my order. He may not be answering questions but everything else is running smoothly. 
 I would also like to see pics of the shoes. I've been considering purchasing some suede shoes for quite some time now.For what it's worth, I've never had service issues with HY. I recently processed a return without a hitch.
I've been watching these: http://www.leatherfoot.com/designedit/cache/inventory_products/13/small_CAR-80228-UET-ANT-SNU-Pose1.jpg might pull the trigger soon...
Does anyone have an opinion on which of the cotton pants are the most casual? I'm looking for chinos that would be dressed down most of the time. Is moleskin light?   Could any of these be worn on a fairly warm summers...
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