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Thought you guys would appreciate this. One of my Memovoxes, all original.    
This is still legal for any phone manufactured prior to January 26, 2013. PM me!
Still looking! I'll PM you.
This will do two things for you: PERMANENTLY unlock your iPhone for all GSM networks. Jack up the value of your iPhone before you sell it.        This is a completely legal and legit factory unlock. Restoring or updating your phone will not mess it up in any way.                                                   ...
Cash ready for an iPhone.   PM me your best price and all info and I will get back to you.    Post up what you have! Thanks
    Feels like we grew up together... crazy
Dennis Hopper Project Chukka Boot 69. These are rare, definitely haven't seen any for sale online.   Never worn out, only tried on. Size 9.   Third picture is a borrowed pro pic to show color. First two are mine.   Offer up! Paypal only, US preferable.   Thanks!      
Does anyone have greys that they've had a reeeally long time? Mine have very minimal signs of wear at all. I'm just wondering if any contrast whatsoever is possible with them. 
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