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Citan, looks really good on you. Do you think the buttoning stance is ok or do you find it a tad bit too high? I tried Suitsupply but unfortunately nothing fits me. A problem when one is too tall. They have some nice stuff. Congrats on your latest purchase.
Long time no post. Always good to come back to great fits. Last few pages have been flawless. Frolicking around in Rome. I feel everybody should have blue shoes...  
Yesterday I was a guest speaker at the largest Private Equity and Venture Capital conference in South America.    Lots of black suits, and most men were wearing ties. 95% black shoes. Other than me (simple white cotton), a total of 0 pocket squares. Very high correlation between Hermes ties and lawyers. 
had an impromptu meeting on Sunday evening. Blue, gray and a touch of red.  
Trying to incorporate a french blue shirt. I quite like the result. Too warm for a tie.   [[SPOILER]]
 I am an academic as well. Even though I teach at a Business School, most professors never wear a suit, much less a tie. The idea of a SC with a tie is unheard of. So much so even I do not feel comfortable wearing it, so whenever I wear a SC I never use a tie. I reserve those for suits, such as this one below. I can say one thing for tab collar shirts - it really helps to maintain the tie in place during the whole day. No adjustments necessary.  
Wow, some great fits. Holdfast, I especially enjoy the DB bow tie combo. Could never pull it off. On my side, even though the quality of the pics are crap, I really like how this 3-piece with a DB vest turned out.  [[SPOILER]]
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