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Long time no post. Always good to come back to great fits. Last few pages have been flawless. Frolicking around in Rome. I feel everybody should have blue shoes...  
Yesterday I was a guest speaker at the largest Private Equity and Venture Capital conference in South America.    Lots of black suits, and most men were wearing ties. 95% black shoes. Other than me (simple white cotton), a total of 0 pocket squares. Very high correlation between Hermes ties and lawyers. 
had an impromptu meeting on Sunday evening. Blue, gray and a touch of red.  
Trying to incorporate a french blue shirt. I quite like the result. Too warm for a tie.   [[SPOILER]]
 I am an academic as well. Even though I teach at a Business School, most professors never wear a suit, much less a tie. The idea of a SC with a tie is unheard of. So much so even I do not feel comfortable wearing it, so whenever I wear a SC I never use a tie. I reserve those for suits, such as this one below. I can say one thing for tab collar shirts - it really helps to maintain the tie in place during the whole day. No adjustments necessary.  
Wow, some great fits. Holdfast, I especially enjoy the DB bow tie combo. Could never pull it off. On my side, even though the quality of the pics are crap, I really like how this 3-piece with a DB vest turned out.  [[SPOILER]]
Another of the new suits.     I don't think the tie works, but I was in a hurry as the 9AM schedule on a Monday is a killer.   Suit is not at all shiny IRL, must be the flash. Fabric is Bower and Roebuck in a very subtle pattern.      
New Posts  All Forums: