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Don't know if that is allowed, but a tieless lifestyle pic from a conference in Bangalore. Too warm for the suit, really, but would be even worse with a tie. In my humble defense.   
Here is my humble take on lifestyle pics with @upr_crust and his lovely and nerdy husband . Wonderful company and meal (in that order) at Eleven Madison Park.   
First day teaching at a new Uni as a visiting prof in Asia. Also, debuting a grenadine garza grossa with pocket square chosen by the man that makes them (Damiano Presta). PS was given as a discount and it is a great piece of silk. Really nice small shop in Roma.    
hard to follow timotune. Well done as always sir. Coming back after a long day.    [[SPOILER]]
@DonCologne, I like the trousers. Especially because the shoes are also fun weekend shoes. Rock on! @Pingson, this is a lovely ensemble. I am on the camp that is all for light jackets and dark trousers.    Celebrating the start of the weekend with cigars, good friends, Mojitos and G&Ts...Sorry about the blanked face.  
coming back home after a long day of teaching.  
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