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Shoes are Septieme Largeur and I remember buying the socks at the House of Fraser in Richmond, London. Thanks for the compliments.
Blue and green don't need to clash (shirt is light blue).    [[SPOILER]]
No socks visible alas. Sorry about that. Triple monk blue boots.  
Too warm for a suit really. But I wanted to premier a gift from @upr_crust. Happy smurf day to all of you.    A gift that I think I will enjoy for a long time (bracers).  [[SPOILER]]  Blue triple monk boots.  [[SPOILER]]
With the gentleman and scholar @upr_crust  at the Morgan Library.   
@bienluienapris. That is a dangerous suit. I think I would cross the street if I saw you coming in my direction....  Teaching today...    [[SPOILER]]
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