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    That was it exactly.  They weren't handling ferragamo or prada & the Hills had no idea who or what St. Crispins was.
    don't worry, he'll work it out for you. I had the same issue with the first test   marked the changes needed up & sent to him, the second test was right on.
    I can compare Rain D width to the standard Simpson width if that would help   Simpson is a great fit for me and so is the Rain D . . . . primarily width at the ball for the Rain   The Rain D does have a slightly wider heel cup than Simpson but not enormously so for me.    both are laceups btw :  suede saddle shoe for the simpson & shell 2 eye'd derby for the Rain
    congratulations, that is a fantastic looking shoe. Is it your design or one of Antonio's ?
    that's how ya do it
    absolutely - there's two already
    listing says US sizing in D width
    thank you sir. the description is precisely how I visualized it and will be used on a new boot asap
    ummm could be but that's where they're going not where they've been
Need some help naming the new Carmina shell cordovan boot in transit.                                FrankenMoral . . . . BalNstein  ? I suppose I could go with Fuckin Awesome but I'm not sure if that's really necessary  
New Posts  All Forums: