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     PCK's advice was good. The brand of wax is optional - hard work is not.
    if you don't mind, what last was your Galway made on ?
    sorry to hear that. I've experienced a single problem with a boot that was caught at QC before being shipped to me   when I rejected it, they immediately remade the boot without question, comment or excuse.
I need some help choosing a boot last from the EG experts. Initially I was leaning toward the 888  but  also like the look of the 82. Can someone tell me which of these two is 'sleeker' or has a more elongated toe box
    you are correct, I didn't realize that keeping them was the case
     I would tend to agree with 2000r on this one. it isn't the end of the world but those were in the neighborhood of   1500 u.s. and wouldn't meet my expectations of St. C
Nice Moosic . . . . VERY nice
                           what size is this one ? 
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