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                                             WELL DONE
I was able to see it up close and personal during a one on one appointment with St.C It's a very pliable leather and sort of reminds me a little of the look of ram that everyone went gagga over. It would make for some gorgeous boots Mr. P.
yes sir I am. that looks to be a bulbous sailor last on a chiseled or even screw diriver, they're another level
all 3 are fabulous with some extremely good photography . . . . congrats.
On another last they would be fantastic
    they appear very dry in this photo.  you can use some Boot Black moisturizer to help with that and bring them   back to life.
man O man, the balmoral & the Santos are VERY nice
if you luv em $2k worth, jump it.
I'm really glad you posted this.  After giving the product a try, I think it's so far above and beyond Saphir it isn't even funny. Have you used their Argan oil alone ?
    I've had a few screw-ups like this.  Try a sleeking bone with some crème lubricant to minimize the scar by   smoothing it out some before using any polish.
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