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    thank you sur . . . . like I need another freakin shoe but skoak is bringing my favorite chop of yours to life   now if they only spec'd black stitching
    what color stitching did you spec on these please sir ?
    jubei . . . . what color was the photoshop of the hatch grain you posted a few months ago ?
yes, they were basterdized intentionally. when I want traditional I go with a balmoral style shoe
my shot at a balmoral                             a Carmina shell cordovan frankenstitch  
    sure, i'll find some time over the weekend. they are both on the U last.    they were delivered so friggin late I haven't worn them other than to try on, I'm not a boot guy in 95f temps                                                      Here ya go. 
    That was it exactly.  They weren't handling ferragamo or prada & the Hills had no idea who or what St. Crispins was.
    don't worry, he'll work it out for you. I had the same issue with the first test   marked the changes needed up & sent to him, the second test was right on.
    I can compare Rain D width to the standard Simpson width if that would help   Simpson is a great fit for me and so is the Rain D . . . . primarily width at the ball for the Rain   The Rain D does have a slightly wider heel cup than Simpson but not enormously so for me.    both are laceups btw :  suede saddle shoe for the simpson & shell 2 eye'd derby for the Rain
New Posts  All Forums: