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thanks No Man . . . . great excuse to snag da Valstar pebblegrain.
        good job   
I'll take a shot at this, expecting others to chime in.   The standard MTO is essentially ordering a particular style you like on an existing last. For example, using G&G for reference, you could choose a style and have it lasted on the MH71, TG, DG and so on. From my experience, my example works for EG, Bonafe, Carmina etc.   TRUE bespoke is having a maker create a last specifically for you. This method will normally take a couple of fittings with test shoes so the...
dang that's nice
something akin to 'new Italian line for Lattanzi'      odd design either way
crap . . . . I was hoping you two would settle on shover.  It was more visually appealing than a cone ( ? )
    I don't have an Asian point of view and I still don't see it.
    I could jump on the chukka.  I've included a photo ( courtesy of Skoak )            of heavy stitching with leather sole for reference 
    that's a good lookin shoe    is that INC ?
    I would be in for that exact makeup
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