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    you needta give yourself a break. if you purchased the bone from a shoe care retailer, they inevitably have   hairline cracks in them which - oddly enough - will scratch leather when you use it.
    deep enough that a fingernail would catch on the edges of it.   that's the beauty of the sleeking bone for me . . . . with the right pressure it can smooth scratches like that out   because I don't have the expertise to fill it in and cover it up. it was a bonus the leather was shrunken calf   which no doubt helped but the process works well on smooth leather too.
    now what the hell we gonna pair 'em with ?
                                       Shoe Shine Sunday -  Minor Surgery Edition   My first post in shoe shine sunday is a combination of that and minor surgery Sunday. I've had this pair of St. Crispin boots for about a year and a half with their care being a wipe down & a buff . . . . until I rushed out of the office to correct a problem on a construction site where I promptly gouged the shit out of the toe on a piece of rebar.   Thankful that I had purchased an...
    damn    the peccary works like a champ      wonder how a jodhpur would look
I'm going to place a few pics of mr. Bestetti's work on my two pair of his St. Moritz model for grins. These two are my first kind of sorta - semi bespoke shoes which I immediately fell in love with when I first saw them. Frankly, they're almost embarrassing to wear . . . . the positive comments and friendly jabs about them lasted the entire day and into the next.   The fit is exactly what I expected. Two test fits with fine tuning modifications at my request and they...
    6319 just may work then. total time for the order was ~ 9 - 10 months.   the first boot arrived December last year with the oxblood delivered early June of this year
    that's correct, their osloer boot was the model used. if I remember correctly, the osloer is normally made on the F last and it took a couple of attempts to make it work   on the U. originally I was going for antic cognac or 6319 cognac but RogerP's monk changed all that. if I could see their 6319 in person and it was light enough in   color, that would be prime for another austerity wing boot.
    they are 44 F. vass did an excellent job with these and their oxblood is just an excellent color.
New Posts  All Forums: