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    i'll be there with you for Edwardian
    it's an absolute winner mr. Cleav  i'll have to copy that for next winter when i'm in my upper crust mood
I would agree with a forego of the novello for that particular shoe. in real life novello would be too extreme for that style I luv the novello look but that last isn't for every style AT ALL, the waist is super tapered & the length is what it is and it doesn't apologize
oly crap that looks good
me . . . . i'm going chiseled on that one just to shake the look up a lil bit
wish I had the time to photochop
    one of the Navy Aspesi is GONE
    yep . . . . put some horns on it and you're there.
I think your opinion is correct but then i'm not particularly crazy about any brands chiseled toe it could be less known simply because it is a fairly new last and there aren't that many examples around.
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