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    that's a good design idea & I feel sure he would make that happen for you.   think about trying his darker brown hatch or pebble grain for that
    I have a few pair from each of Bestetti and St Crispin and am a HUGE fan of both.   Even if you have money to throw away, the only thing that makes sense is to try a test shoe in the style   you're choosing. You can start a dialogue with Riccardo and Mr. Carr by email to get their guidance.   Both are very flexible and helpful. Take your time, mistakes in the $2k realm would be hard to swallow   regardless of how excited you are in the beginning.
  I received two right about the time the surcharge was waived & was weak enough to go right back in on an Arran.  Debating an Isham or another StC . . . . I have a problem
    don't think I could make those work for me but they are fantastic
Godspeed to feeling better Jazzman
                           my deco Joyce is very similar to the square deco if not exactly that                                       IRL it comes across as a sleeker version of the TG73 and is much better looking than the TG in my opinion                           my round deco is a pretty awesome look but may be too pointed for some.   I enjoy it for what it is but not quite sure I would want another especially when the look would be so similar to    the...
I would prefer square deco as a sleeker version of the TG or a DG could work well
                                     Kudu Cannes delivering tomorrow  
                      in the meantime . . . . a deco suede to fill the gap  
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