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Doubtful it's G&G .... Meccariello, possibly
       thanks for the props     it's a standard St C model 111 in 076 reverse hunting suede ( a sort of loden brown )   on a slightly modified classic last
looks good but I want Roger P's all suede version more.
   thanks to Gabe's help, a Skoak photo of an incoming
    vass ?
    mto straight from Bemer with Mr. Melani    the nap isn't as short or silky as Carmina which is all I have to compare it to 1 on 1.   i think it's just right for a chukka style   first day wearing it but I am betting it's going to be pretty sturdy   their workmanship is VERY good
    you could likely do it yourself with an eyelet tool, good weight hammer and an anvil or other solid surface   you may have to go oversize on the eyelet tho.    assuming short boots count . . . . here's a Bemer chukka delivered today.                                                                   apologies for the semi crappy phone pics and clutered table top
after I stopped drooling, all I could come up with is my best James Brown . . . . Good GOD
    precisely and it's also the reason most, if not all, exotics are purchased from the shoe maker directly.
it would be exactly the same process   Carmina would file the cites paperwork & once it was revealed they were exotics, customs & Fish & Wildlife would become involved before they were forwarded to you. revert back to the pay to play concept.
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