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    i agree with mr. Spiegel on this. if you can make a move before March 1 - do it.   i have a few in the hopper with them and I shopped them all. i know for certain it can't get better than Skoak's   pricing right now. a plus is their normal fantastic service is one of the best at any price
    that is an f'n awesome design
    yessir. a hatch grain detail on the quarter of the arnham would look great
    i'm in on that one but am wondering how the heavy stitch would turn out in noix suede
    that's great info - thanks.  those comparison photos would be awesome
   what color is the suede string loafer in front of it ?
    thanks for the offer - pm sent
good idea - think I'll take a run at it   thanks for the heads up
    I'm of the opinion the little boy short suiting look is already done but you are correct, Bloomy's employees only   push what they see as the latest trend.     I'm with you on the NMWA introduction to the Eidos brand. I've only kopped one shirt so far but the fabric is   some REALLY good stuff.    Much compliments on this donegal in particular
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