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Don't do it on my account mr. Booth I already know leffot isn't the center on the universe
Letting go of the St. Crispins rope for a while.   New Bestetti St. Moritz completed and inbound.      
    your explanation of the dye for dark brown makes perfect sense DW and just may be the reason for the   spotting on the offending chukka posted earlier this year. If the second step of dye job were faulty, I would   consider it to be a massive screw up if a few drops of rain were literally able to wash away that top   coat. The use of a super dry hide which didn't accept the dyes well or water droplets from a water /   chemical mix used for melting snow or ice is...
come on. I like to at least think you're intelligent enough to know that pebbles can't grow up to become stones. the reverse is their only capability.   one of these days i'll take the time to search the problem for more than the single example that shows up this particular forum in hopes it can validate the single retailer. until then, i'll rely on my 2 pair of the 'problem' leather to continue to trudge through somehow.
    no, not denial . . . . just wondering where the actual evidence of 'many' is other than air moving from someone's mouth   the idiot part does usually indicate a weak position or a weak mind to begin with so I'll stick with my story until I see the 'many' examples.
    would dearly love to get my hands on these two
    I don't discount the notion entirely, absolutely anything is possible. Personally, I've only seen a single example   which doesn't qualify as 'many' in my world
Nah, I'm not willing to buy into a potential urban myth based on a single chukka with a finish problem Nor do I automatically accept that the damaged finish on one shoe shown earlier in this thread was solely from water and is indicative of a systemic problem with St C finishes or the leather in general
    water spots removing the color on shrunken calf isn't entirely true.   Water droplets haven't affected my pair of shrunken calf in the least.
    is this an intervention ?  he's an addict - like several people round here, don't waste your time   let  us  them crash & burn, then we can attempt to help
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