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the St James III is MUCH better looking
he weren't talking about dick  just showing he has big balls - that's all
So Gent, THANKS SO MUCH. All of you guys, thanks so much for letting us help the kids at RMcDH. As a dad stuff like that hits home, and especially around this time of the year. It's pretty humbling. Glad to do it. Hard to pass on a honey of a tie for just the right reason
let's bump this to a nice round $ 500.
you may be right about that Roger I was hoping they were black but just may be 609 regardless, I like em     A LOT
    in that case $ 400.
    doubtful  but 3 fitty is
I find the vass oxblood to be more useful than burgundy. it's such a rich shade, it's hard to beat
let's roll a little more @ $ 600.
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