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    I got tired of waiting on an Arran group and thought I wanted a Shanklin until I saw S. Bemer suede and went mto with them.   Really nice style on their J or JS last
    I've never done MTM with Eidos before, can you give me a clue how to get a couple going ?
      I have to agree with eljlakers.  Having worked with a kinda sorta premiere retailer of a particular brand and gotten to know and received a good bit of help & advice   from one of their SA's on 4 pair. When it got to the point I could have the same thing made by the same manufacturer at a 3 - $ 500 reduction in cost my 'loyalty'   began to wane and price became king. It's a normal and responsible progression.    Sure, I'll use the original retailer if they can bring...
    you got that right
     Mr. P  has eclectic taste
    they turned out well   which last is that ?
    nah  I think Ttown nailed it . . . . it's gladiator chit
    you're correct . . . . I was just mucking around a little. When it's this hot nothing matters much one way or the   other. Only flip flops could make a difference                           unless of course  
Atlanta and south is sitting @ 100F minimum lately      NO boots
    turnt up it would be fox suede loafer + the braided boot
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