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    could someone point me to the specs on this boot please ?
    good job  vera nice
     geez those are fantastic.  hope mine turn out that well
                  A couple hatchgrain / gator headed to the finish line.                    Kind of fugly when they're first born aren't they ?   
shell is notoriously susceptible to these welts from rain etc
    agreed.  better to know for sure than wonder
    patrik . . . . if this policy will affect the remaining balance of my g&g mto I have with you, I would like to send final payment.
GlenKaren has probably THE best cleaner on the market imo For conditioning without color removal, I reach for Saphir crème delicate
those aren't stains . . . . they're welts from the rain. had the same problem with my first cordovan, which happened to be one of my favorite boots   all you need do is 'press' the welts out ( for lack of a better word ) using either an abbeyhorn sleeking bone or a spoon.   my experience - which some may disagree with - is to lubricate the sleeking bone / spoon with a tiny bit of saphir crème delicate. the only reason I mention that particular brand is that it is all...
New Posts  All Forums: