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    I've found they work great with G&G. I just tried a pair with my EG Shannon and it was a no go for some reason.                                                                    Maybe I should try again.
    beige twill flannel - cream harris tweed - cognac shade herringbone I had made - a fairly unusual grey with brown under current trou makeup - cream shade cotton / linen   & may even throw in a chocolate corduroy.   Yes, I agree the grain slows it down a lil bit     thanks .... sure will
after some back and forth for a few months, I decided to jump this Italian oxford                  
    I would dearly love to find that Maverick somewheres
    weren't you the guy who called Bestetti's fancy ?
careful    that rabbit hole is DEEP
sharp . . . . that just may be the best looking last they use    which is it ?
   they're like Bestetti . . . . there is no correlation    either's RTW is a completely different story tho.
judging from the breaks the only other I can come up with is bestetti rtw
    prepare to have your mind blown
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