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St C pebble grain (basketball leather) split toes on their way.     does anyone have a suggestion on where to find light brown laces ?
    my god those are awesome mr. P . . . . what last is that ?
    you are correct. love that guy's style
    do you happen to know if VNA comes patterned . . . . such as hatchgrain ?    a little late but a couple of my hatchgrains by different makers - not all hatchgrain is created equal                                                                                                                                                         
    my experience would say a 9 laceup on the classic last will work for you.
    that's why I asked.  they may be too sharp IRL but not in the photo
    what color are those ?  you rock man
    for me it's 1.5 down with right heel customization on f width
+3 unless it's a loafer
    that piece of awesomeness is why I asked.   for now, that's what I'm planning for the James, just have to get a few more details from Nick    the deco Vintage Oak modified Gable I stole from you is incoming shortly
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