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    absolutely the best way
looks like to fever is spreading.  I should be getting a couple of loafers from him after a last modification.
    been there did that . . . . first order with you guys placed
    I have a boot and a shoe on their Novello last & think it's a great look. I also consider it a totally different animal from their others   and would not recommend ordering without trying it on first.    Also, to give an opinion on the G&G fit 'guide' - no, fit is not necessarily the same across all their lasts.
    decent prices for off the shelf SC's . . . . good move
OR, one could peruse the St. C website at their leisure & not bug the stew outta Skoak
   yes - E width.  that will be an awesome look for this style
    I'm up for that
                another fabulous piece of your work DWF
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