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The jacket length looks a little short, and the sleeve lengths look VERY short.
Definitely go Achilles unless you have chunky legs. Personally, I never got the Bball lows or Highs, and felt it was quite chunky... YMMV.
Has anyone picked up either the P4250 or the P4856 La Spalla suits from the current collection? Was thinking of picking up one or both of them. IRL photos or other thoughts would be great -...
Not sure if it is bad luck - I have worn a pair of black stretch selvage slim cut jeans regularly for a few months (well, twice a week with a holiday in the middle where they got regular wear?), washed it a couple of times... And it just looks so ragged from that, it has aged noticeably (not just fading). I might have to donate it soon at this rate...The Momotaro and Nudies I have also worn regularly recently have held up far better - obviously a big price difference with...
Thanks guys!Bought it because (1) big fan of IWC, (2) pricing (got it at a family & friends sale), and (3) I found the shape to be very distinctive - the square design is great, and I thought the size would also be great (on paper, it seems only a little larger than my 3777).A couple of months on, and as you guys mentioned, I'm personally still getting used to the busy-ness of the dial and the square design - it's just so different to the 3777. I don't have a huge issue...
Still doesn't work for HK
The mid-section on your polo looks a bit scrunched up - but not sure whether that's due to the cut, posture or ironing...
Hey guys, asked this in CP thread as well - any (reasonably accessible) recommendations for how to clean raw denim stains off white sneakers (in my case, CP Achilles)? Was going to try some neutral shoe polish but if there's a better recommendarion, please advise. Thanks!
Hey guys -any recommendations for how to get denim stains off my white leather CPs Achilles? Thank you. Thinking of getting some neutral leather shoe polish at my local shoe shop (ie no colour) but let me know if something else is recommended. (Hoping the answer isn't necessarily buy another pair...)
+1. Gotta learn through spending unfortunately when it comes to fashion.@estranged - see reasonable quality second hand leather jackets on Grailed quite often for between Eur500-1000 - you should consider that, I just did that and picked up an Acne Studios leather jacket for 400ish GBP the other week while on vacation. Will expand more in next msg.
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