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Awesome, thanks for the recommendation Isolation. I'll go to the store some time and check things out. That pricing sounds fair. BTW might have missed something - is that Moleskine from Dream or Moda? Not into that cut either, your earlier Dream stuff looked better.
Thanks @isolation, that's great. How much would a suit be at Dream if I am NOT bringing my own fabric? I'm not quite into fabric enough to do that Just rough pricing will do, I know there's all sorts of different fabric out there.
Thanks for the reply Isolation. How do the Dream and Moda stuff compare? That is a pretty significant price difference of 2K between the two places for suits (I will not be bringing my own fabric so will account for more).
Hi guys, I have been wanting to source some Japanese brands streetwear from Japan. Nanamica is the one that I've always wanted to source, given it is so much cheaper over there (looks like the price diff is about 25%), but Head Porter and a few others also come to mind as well. Do you guys have any recommendations for a store in Japan that will 1) ship internationally (I'm in HK), and 2) ship Nanamica, Head Porter or other brands? I know reggieshop is an option, but...
Wow - that's a nice briefcase, congrats @nutcracker. I'm not even going to bother asking about the price!
Hey Isolation, great stuff. What were the rough pricing for your suits from Dream Bespoke and blazer / cords from Moda?
Excellent prices (for an ex-USA customer) on Tumi stuff with the 25% off East Dane sale. Otherwise, unfortunately the sale items are pretty picked over, so will probably wait till their year-end sale.
Just received a pair of WG Selvedge from Gilt. Not sure if they are a Gilt-only pair or whether they are part of their usual offering - anyone let me know based on the below photos? Not fussed either way given the price, just curious (haven't had time to try them on yet). Haven't seen white/blue selvedge before. Cheers.
Thanks. I ended up buying from Natostrapco. Let's see how it goes.
Just got a Seiko SKX009 as a beater watch for the weekends. Good quality watch for the price (USD153 grey market in Hong Kong). Been wanting a Pepsi-bezel watch as a change of pace watch, and decided to buy this instead of the Steinhart Ocean 1 (out of stock at the moment). Will have to change that steel strap soon - if anyone has recommendations for where to get a good thick navy 22mm Zulu/NATO strap, please let me know (Maratec doesn't do navy unfortunately).
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