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Just received a pair of WG Selvedge from Gilt. Not sure if they are a Gilt-only pair or whether they are part of their usual offering - anyone let me know based on the below photos? Not fussed either way given the price, just curious (haven't had time to try them on yet). Haven't seen white/blue selvedge before. Cheers.
Thanks. I ended up buying from Natostrapco. Let's see how it goes.
Just got a Seiko SKX009 as a beater watch for the weekends. Good quality watch for the price (USD153 grey market in Hong Kong). Been wanting a Pepsi-bezel watch as a change of pace watch, and decided to buy this instead of the Steinhart Ocean 1 (out of stock at the moment). Will have to change that steel strap soon - if anyone has recommendations for where to get a good thick navy 22mm Zulu/NATO strap, please let me know (Maratec doesn't do navy unfortunately).
I find auto/self-winding watches are generally not viable for women (from those I've spoken to), particularly those who do not wear watches every day (this sounds like your wife's complaint). So yes, quartz is a very viable option.I bought my SO a Cartier Ronde Solo - she loves it (she also absolutely wouldn't consider any self-winding watches). It was USD2000ish. The whole range of Cartier watches is a very safe choice for women, not sure if anyone else has other...
Thanks wigdog and spurious. That price sounds reasonable!
Hi Kent - how does international shipping (to HK) work for your pocket squares? I was hoping to buy a few but was hoping you don't go down the route that some US vendors go with flat rate shipping, e.g. shipping for pocket squares is the same price for a pair of shoes etc. Thanks!
Thanks, I think I'll try Pochette Square - pricing looks pretty reasonable. Not sure I'm ready to spend GBP50+ on a pocket square yet! And thrift shops don't really exist in HK... Free international shipping from Pochette Square is a big plus, don't really want to pay double the price for international shipping!
Hoping East Dane will have one more 25% kicker - still a few things worth getting. The last 25% kicker meant they had some awesome prices, esp on shoes, and prices have dropped further since then.
Thanks for the shots. Looks like I'll stick with Pelagos or the Sub, the Explorer II seems a little too casual for me and I wouldn't mind a watch that is austere.
Hi guys - how much should I be paying for a reasonably priced pocket square, and any recommended shops? Hoping to add more colour to the wardrobe. Looked through the last 8-10 pages or so and didn't see much coverage of this Q actually. thanks!
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