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If you're just wearing it occasionally it should be fine, and I think good practice is that you won't wear a good quality suut more than once a week or so anyway.
I bought this suit recently as well. Feels very light but not too delicate, the material doesn't feel flimsy at all. I've got enough suits that I wouldn't wear this one more than once a week - but I'd be happy to maintain a weekly wearing with it. Budget permitting, it is always good to not wear a suit too frequently anyway...
Nice. How thick is the wool flannel? I'm wondering whether the flannel SS uses generally is thin enough for a Hong Kong winter...
Guys - landed in Sydney this morning and it is freezing!! (Coming from still balmy HK...) If I need a coat for Aud500 or so, where's a good place to look in Sydney? Kicking myself for not bringing one in the luggage. Will also take recommendations on where to buy a scarf for a reasonable.price.
Thanks, but there is GST over aud1000 right? Does SS pay for that too?
Also guys - can I check if anyone has experience with this - if I buy >AUD1000 from SuitSupply and ship to Sydney, does their "no import duties" guarantee mean that all custom duties amounts and GST etc are taken care of? Thanks.
Hi guys, Gone through some of this thread but thought I'd ask in a single post - coming back home (to Sydney) for a week or so end next week - any store I should look for in particular in terms of menswear eye candy? (BTW thanks to whoever originally notified this thread of SuSu's AUD pricing - I'm going to buy multiple SuSu suits/blazers while in town, (relative) bargain compared to HK.)
Use the suitbag and then hand carry onto the plane. If you need it shortly after flight, ask flight attendant to hang it in the closet (depending on your flight, they should have one). Obviously don't forget it!
Already bought another Sienna by the time I saw your reply - I can imagine the La Spalla being nicer, but at almost double the price I'll save it for next time (or perhaps the outlet!)In the meantime, has anyone here bought the below Sienna suit from this season? I wonder how it will turn out, not a charcoal grey fan usually but this pattern looks pretty nice - I should be getting it within next week or so.
How did you find the cashmere/wool blend, in terms of warmth/comfort/drape/durability etc?
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