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Looks pretty boxy and overall a bit big, perhaps size down and see how that works?
Agree, tombstone boxes are a hassle to throw away, and personally I would rather they save some trees and use less boxes for delivery.
I've got a Sienna and La Spalla each in a 36R, and the Sienna feels boxier - though it was a pretty easy fix at the local tailors (got the chest and waist taken in at the back), so not sure you should size down. The La Spalla defn was slimmer - I didn't need to alter it. Shoulders felt pretty similar,maybe a tad wider for the Sienna but nothing significant.
If you're travelling to Asia (HKG / SHA / BKK) any time soon, you can get decent tailored shirts for a lot less - got a few shirts at the Shanghai fabric market a few months ago for about AUD35-40 each and they were respectable efforts (both in terms of construction and fabric), you'll need to have something good for them to copy though esp if there's a language barrier.With flight prices the way they are, if you're going on holidays any time soon, worth thinking about.Re:...
If you're just wearing it occasionally it should be fine, and I think good practice is that you won't wear a good quality suut more than once a week or so anyway.
I bought this suit recently as well. Feels very light but not too delicate, the material doesn't feel flimsy at all. I've got enough suits that I wouldn't wear this one more than once a week - but I'd be happy to maintain a weekly wearing with it. Budget permitting, it is always good to not wear a suit too frequently anyway...
Nice. How thick is the wool flannel? I'm wondering whether the flannel SS uses generally is thin enough for a Hong Kong winter...
Guys - landed in Sydney this morning and it is freezing!! (Coming from still balmy HK...) If I need a coat for Aud500 or so, where's a good place to look in Sydney? Kicking myself for not bringing one in the luggage. Will also take recommendations on where to buy a scarf for a reasonable.price.
Thanks, but there is GST over aud1000 right? Does SS pay for that too?
Also guys - can I check if anyone has experience with this - if I buy >AUD1000 from SuitSupply and ship to Sydney, does their "no import duties" guarantee mean that all custom duties amounts and GST etc are taken care of? Thanks.
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