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Wondering when the new la Spallas will be listed...
Guys, I usually wear 46r in Suitsupply (la spalla). Should I be buying 46 for eidos suits from bloomingdales as well? or should I size up to 48? Thank you.
Did a quick Google search and didn't find anything. Where can I find exact 36R suiting (Balthazar and Topo) measurements for chest, sleeve, shoulder, jacket length, waist and leg opening? Thank you.
Hi guys - might head up to Shenzhen for a short trip - any good recommendations for shirtmakers there? Tried one in Shanghai fabric markets before and they made decent copies of shirts for 180rmb - was hoping for something similar in quality and price in SZ, otherwise I will stick to Shanghai or HK. Thanks.
Did any La Spallas appear in the outlet? I also saw limited Siennas only... :|
Follow Mr P sales regularly and have never seen that happen...
HKD5900, looks pretty reasonable value! Didn't see the contact card mentioned for Michael/Ng Sifu, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
Ah not to worry - just missed the 40% code cut off time. Oh well. Thanks anyway @magicspot
^ Any idea how the Bloomingdales Eidos suits fit - TTS?
Hi guys - quick one - how does the sizing for Eidos suits (from Bloomingdales) compare to SuitSupply La Spallas? Or just in general, should I go TTS for Eidos suits from Bloomingdales? Thank you.
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