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Does anyone here have experience with the Seiko sard007? Thinking about getting one. Thanks.
Not comparing the two cuts. The Brute Knut is loose-ish around the thighs and tapers aggressively from the knee onwards. I like it but defn different to the Ace (so the hem is actually a bit narrower than the Ace). IMO size down 1 to get a good fit in the Brute Knut (I bought another pair TTS and the thighs/butt was super baggy). Both are comfortable good jeans to me with the stretch denim.
I currently regularly wear Nudie (brute Knut) and Acne (ace) stretch denim jeans - both are comfortable and look like they will hold up to regularly wear (but I'm not concerned with fades).
@GBR This is a discussion forum, not a contractual negotiation - people frequently comment on the fly (as I was), discuss and move on. I know good RTW with appropriate tailoring can make a good suit, but that wasn't my point. The point was (potentially) having a chat with the OP about his experiences. Take it easy.
Wow. OTT much? Relax - it was a question, not a recommendation (I stated his suit looks good).
I got the boucle peacoat as well. Unfortunately it is a size big but on the plus side actually looks quite good oversized (shoulders are a bit big but everything else will work well with a bit of tailoring) and doesn't look like something that wears as well slim fitted, so I may keep it anyway. I'm in HK as well and agree that it works well for the so called winter here.
Hi guys - I've got a nice blue tuxedo jacket, but no pants to go with it (the matching pants sold out). How would it look as a set if I got black tuxedo pants made at a HK tailor? I mean, black is black so that's why I'm asking (I know it'll be difficult to get the exact same blue fabric). Happy to get thoughts on this or whether I'm being silly. Thanks!
@Haroldwong looks good, with your dimensions (from photo) OTR suits would look just as good on you right?
Bought a sweater a month ago from ED. Wasn't thrilled with its touch at first, then wore it in the cold and kept me warm while looking good and not being too bulky. Would recommend if on sale. I bought mine for about USD75.
IMO CP Retros are pretty comfortable for wearing throughout a day (the Originals less so due to the narrower toe box) - they're more comfortable than my Saint Laurents and Acne Adrians for example. I obviously wouldn't compare them to trainers - they're just not built the same and not meant to be worn hard.
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