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Every leather protector I've used on suede darkens it at least a bit... The brown colour of the shoe in that clip seems to accentuate that effect.
I have a pair of the hi-top SLP, they're very nice; main point of difference is that SLP's leather is a bit firmer than CPs, and I'm less likely to wear them all day.
Guys, do you use leather protector on your suede Chelsea's? Thanks.
Haven't seen anything good on Gilt for a very, very long time. YMMV.
SS is for certain body shapes (as with OTR suits generally) but they offer a very wide range of cuts and sizes (including in S/R/L blazer sizing) - e.g. their Napoli and Lazio cuts are relatively "generous" - so they cater to a wider range of body shapes than usual OTR brands. Agree they're good quality though again some of their ranges are better than others (and priced accordingly). In terms of suits, I've been happier with them than with TCNY, opposite with the shirts.
Look the same, fit the same, but obviously women CPs range of sizing is different to men's. I believe it is a marketing distinction only.
No secret that tresbien is amongst cheapest EU retailers, particularly since 10% vouchers off are dime a dozen.
So I just received my 18Montrose order (ordered on 28 Jan).- I got 3 out of the 5 items I ordered. They charged my PayPal on shipment, so I had an idea I wouldn't be getting the full order (they only charged for the 3 items).- Order was packed well.- Got charged VAT (I'm in Hong Kong). No replies from them re: VAT refund.The on-sale pricing was excellent and I was happy with what I got - I wasn't in a rush to get them. They seem like a place that is almost entirely focused...
In London for a day - any recommendation for rolex ADs? I think the search for SS Daytona is futile but happy to call people up.Also anyone been to Heathrow rolex lately?Thanks.
Hi guys - how's the watch shopping scene in Heathrow these days, anything great I should check out (eg rolex shop with no wait lists?) and can I negotiate discounts there or is it pretty fixed price? Passing through so just seeing if it's worth walking around. Thanks.
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