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Uniqlo socks are awesome for the price. Decent quality, very durable, awesome pricing, and once in a while there's some funky colour patterns. Pantharella socks are fine but they're not exactly durable. Also - this goes for both Uniqlo dress and sports socks.
I get what you're saying, but given you're in the USA and J Crew is everywhere (with a good returns policy if you buy online), have you considered trying them first?I've got a couple of their suits, I'm 5'10 like you and slim/athletic, and their 36S or 36R suits fit me well. I'm happy with my purchases there and the blazers in particular are worn regularly.Of course, if you can go to HKD5000+ per suit, getting it done in HK is no problem - but hopefully you have at least a...
LOL at the Davids Fashion album. WTD - at the low end price point, you should just go for some solid RTW suits and then get them altered as necessary, that'll work much better than any low-end tailors. I would be shopping regularly at JCrew if I was in the USA, you can regularly pick up solid Ludlow suits for less than USD300.
Tharr01,How much were the items you ordered at C&G, roughly? Would be interested to see how prices compare to HK.
I like jackets that are well-constructed, looks good and fits well. The parka fits all 3 criteria. Feels way more substantial than the standard Uniqlo down jacket (obviously, given the price difference).Hard to tell you about the down quality, since I only tried it in store - it felt warm?As I said, if I lived in cold weather I would snap it up for sure. USD220 seems reasonable for it, though I can understand people having sticker shock at paying that price for something...
Hi guys - thought I'd give this a bump. Gilt sells Spurr NY and Simon Spurr. What's the difference? Looking at some suits there. Thanks!
Also - tried on the J+ premium down parka and it's awesome. Definitely worth the $ if you live in a cold climate - I skipped it only because it would be needed maybe once/year in HK.
For those who are interested, did a post in the Shanghai thread about using the Fabric Market in Shanghai for shirts. http://www.styleforum.net/t/363010/shanghai-tailors-midrange/0_100#post_7497051 Basically, I thought it compared pretty well with the standard at Jantzen for 40% of the price. Jantzen's pricing these days is about HKD400-500 right?
I went to the Shanghai South Bund fabric market and ordered a lot of shirts from stall 237. Pricing was 150RMB (USD24), no haggling; quality of the fabric was comparable to usual offerings from Jantzen in HK (Jantzen's pricing is about HKD400-500 per shirt, so basically I'm saving 50-60% at the fabric market). Jennifer there can speak English alright; I speak passable Mandarin so that made the process easier with other staff, the staff were generally friendly but busy....
Was in the Shanghai flagship Uniqlo and they had the Pure Blue range on sale. Bought a lot of stuff as it ended up being generally cheaper than HK (where a lot of sizing has gone and/or not on sale, HK standard pricing is generally cheaper than China standard pricing). Quick thoughts on the range below in case anyone's interested, seems like they're on sale worldwide now. Of the ones I bought: - Washed t-shirts - bought a few of these. They were the range's highlight for...
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