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Uniqlo no show socks suck... I will try Stance too thanks for above recommendation.
Thanks. How do they compare in quality / fit to the CP Achilles? (I'm a 43 in CP so presumably I would get the same size for these?)Tempted giving the black pair a go as an alternative at that price.
I tried it out a few weeks ago. I thought it looked better in photos than in person - just didn't sing to me in person. In particular I thought it was way too thin for its diameter - a bit more heft would have been nice, think it got stuck between dress watch and chrono watch sizing.
Great looking watch and a reasonable price. Congrats on your pickup and let me know if you ever want to let it go!
Me too.
^ that Maurice lacroix looks great! How do u get my hands one and pricing if available? Thanks.
Wow serious? No wonder, thanks for the knowledge.
Bought a few pieces of the Lemaire Uniqlo SS16 collection recently - they're on sale at Uniqlo UK atm. Liking the sweaters and shorts - good quality, good pricing when on sale - worth a go. Definitely think the shorts are better quality than Uniqlo standard chino shorts.
Thanks. Loads of people hanging around the sneaker area of DSM today. Still managed to pick up a pair of Achilles slip on in the afternoon for 50% off. The sale started for the whole store today as well, not just sneakers - but I find their buys overall a bit weird (eg. LOTS of CDG).
With this talk the UK sale - when will the sale start for all? I'm in London this weekend so was hoping it would have started by then for sneakers. Thanks!
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