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Opening party for SS in HK tonight. Forgot to take many photos (great champagne!). The store looks good, centrally located and is big by Hong Kong standards - feels bigger than their London locations. Looking forward to hanging out there more going forward.
Anyone have any comments on the difference between the Achilles and the Court Lows? Wondering in terms of sizing but also general impression - they look similar. Thanks!
Anyone know if Mr P will do the 30% off sale for the international site from past experience?
Nice, will check it out but unfortunately lace ups appear excluded.
The matches sale appears to exclude CP unfortunately.
Thanks to your reply and other replies, exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. I'll pass on this one (but still liking the BP!)
Does anyone have any experiences here with the IWC Big Pilot or white gold watches? Really like the steel version, have the chance to kop a white gold version for a great price but don't have the chance to try it - so not sure of the pluses and minuses to it. Thanks!
I have a Mismo soft work and a Mulberry duffle (small sized). Both fit the description you gave - I'm happy with both. The former already fits into your budget and you'll likely find both on sale in the upcoming sales at various places. Mismo alao may have a few others that fit your description, so check them out.
How was the quality of the tees - better than mainline? Boxy like aforementioned?
Anyone have comments on the Uniqlo U t-shirts and how they compare to the Lemaire Uniqlo tees last season? I was pretty happy with the quality and fit of those Lemaire tees and should have bought more.
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