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Hi guys, does Cifo RTW ever go on sale, or are pricing always full price as per above? And if so, when is sale season? Thanks.
Hi guys - does Cifonelli do RTW suits, for those looking at a lower price range? Thanks. Edit - asked in other thread mentioned above, thanks.
Just an update on the above post from me. I ended up getting the shirts in HK - I had to pay for the delivery, which was cheap enough, but obviously would have been preferable if they paid given they were late with the delivery.Still, the shirts are good, and am happy with them for the price I paid (as I mentioned, more than 50% cheaper than HK). Overall, good value for money and I would definitely visit again - thumbs up from me. A few specific points:- I would definitely...
Hi guys, any good deals ATM for any good scarves? Otherwise will wait till year end sales. Cheers.
Ended up with a couple of suits - as mentioned, 30% off US store is effectively 50% off UK store for some items. Also got some accessories that weren't in their UK store for some reason. But yeah, waiting for most things to be discounted more later on.
Cheaper than USD15 per square.Cheaper than USD10 (otherwise I would buy from Tie Bar / Gilt etc). I usually pay USD20-40 per square but getting a bit sick of that.Ebay has CN sellers selling for USD4 but they don't ship to HK for some reason.
If MrP USA/UK is acting as one company, I would have thought they would spread any such tax/other costs relatively evenly across the two sites (a totally even spread may not be possible), so pricing for an item is consistent - otherwise customers will just go to the cheaper of the two sites. Of course:1) maybe they don't care about this;2) they are effectively two different entities for tax/op reasons, and will price items based on whatever factors they wish; or3) some...
Not sure if it's been discussed before - but what's with the difference in pricing between Mr Porter US and UK? I'm curious about the business model. Is it just a case of charging more in certain regions due to customer preferences? I was interested in a suit, and there was a >30% difference in RRP between the two sites. Lesser differences are on plenty of other items, particularly accessories. I would have thought they would try to keep their pricing as consistent as...
Hi guys - anyone have any idea where I can get some cheap pocket squares in HK? Looking to get a fair few so happy to go cheaper. Would buy from Tie Bar but their shipping is pretty exxy and surely a lot of the cheaper ones are made in China or HK. Cheers.
Just curious - are you guys holding off for the end of year sales or doing all your shopping now? Haven't seen many sales that have made me want to buy right now, but I guess it all depends on what you want.
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