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  Why yes, on both accounts mrjester.               j/k haha Oops on the crappy photos, I asked the older gentleman who was working to take the photo for me, my phone is crap anyways. I actually saved a rotated version on my desktop but looks like I attached the wrong one..
My sleeves are rolled up here. How does the length of the jacket look?
Hi all, I was trying out jackets at the Bay today and really liked this one by Black Brown. The man who was working there said the fit was really good in all the parts he checked. How does it look? This is a 38R. I asked him to measure the dimensions because I wanted it compare it to a sport coat on eBay.    
EDIT: oops sorry, i'm posting in the wrong thread..
haha, I'm looking to add some color to my wardrobe, mostly gray,navy,black/white at the moment :P
hey guys,   I was wondering if pastel colors work well on east asians(I have black hair and fair skin). I'm looking at these polos as an example: the mint/violet/pink colors look pretty cool, what do you think?
Long story short, I bought some 51mm Tortoise Clubmasters RB3016 W0366 from an eBay seller and just received them tonight.   There's two major things that make me think its fake:   1) The lens frame, bridge and nosepieces are all gold metal but the studs at the corner of the frames and at the start of the legs are silver.   2) The Ray-Ban logo on the corner of the right lense seems to be Bolder and not as near to the corner as my other Ray-Bans.   Could...
Hi, I'm looking for tailors/places in the Toronto area or online for custom shirts. My neck is thick so when I find a fit that is slim for the rest of my body, I can't do up the top button.   Also, I'm looking to purchase a navy cardigan.   Thanks!
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