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I want to start by thanking everyone here for helping me build a wardrobe from scratch. I am a textbook lurker, reading everything I can get my hands on but contributing nothing. Anyway, because of you guys I went from two Kenneth Cole suits (one black) to a closet full of Brooks Brothers, Southwick, and Zenga, all second hand, which is huge for someone fresh out of college who spends his days meeting with CFOs, CEOs and various people way above my station. Anyway,...
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I have a pair of tan Allen McAfee chukkas that were a little tight around a seam. After they did not stretch I put some rubbing alcohol (in about 80/20 alcohol/water) at the tight spot to help out, something I have done before with no issues. They stretched fine but later on in the day the finish came off in a small spot. It revealed a lighter, duller color underneath so I assume I stripped the finish. I am planning on just polishing the cramp out of it but I want to...
Thanks for the assist!
First time posting pictures so sorry if I mess this up!  Also if this works I have a decent backlog to post as well!   First up Hickey Freeman shirt size L http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/598/hfpld31.jpg   Lubium 1911 Sport Coat, origionally picked up for the buttons then found out they are actually decent items 40R I believe http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/3773/lubium1.jpg   Double Breasted Hickey Freeman Sport Coat 70% silk 30% wool...
I found a very easy way to antique shoes. Right after I brush my black shoes after a polish I immediately brush the shoes I want to antique using the same brush. It is very subtle and takes a few months to see noticeable difference but it is much easier and safer than some of the other things I have seen and it really does work. I will try to get some pics up soon.
Work: Solid navy single breast two button Solid navy single breast two button Solid navy single breast two button Solid navy single breast two button Solid navy single breast two button Casual Seersucker Seersucker Seersucker Seersucker Seersucker
Look at some wingtips. Check out Allen Edmonds. I am new to this too (and also live in Miami) and trust me, buy quality, they will last a lot longer. I have tried cheaper shoes (Cole Haans, etc) and they just don't last.
I asked myself this question the other day. I have heard a lot of people here say "I dress for myself" but I don't know if I buy it. Personally I came to this forum to learn how to buy/wear suits for work (24 yrs old, just out of college, wearing suits to work every day) never planning to get into this kinda stuff. Now I wear suits everyday for a very conservative company but I am a salesman and I sell to car dealers so most environments I go into are not at all...
Darkmatter, I'm in Miami.
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