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Just ordered a Filson 257 in brown from Joe's Sporting Good, 20% off. Pretty sweet deal! This will be my first Filson and is going to be used as my everyday work commuting bag.
My brand new pair of black Rutledge. I love them, the leather is real soft and supple. By the way, are these new boxes and shoe bags that AE gives now? The box seems a lot nicer and sturdier. However the bag no longer has that burgundy fleece fabric.      
      Thank you guys for your response and suggestion. Since the store does not carry the Vernon in 8D, do you guys know if an AE sales rep would be willing to order and bring it in so I can try it with the possibility of not buying?
I kind of have a difficult situation that I hope the AE vets here can help me figure out.   - I used AE's online self sizing measurement and measured myself as a size 8.5D. I then went and placed an order on the Vernons 8-108 last in 8.5D   - Before the Vernons were delivered to me, I decided to make a trip to the closest AE store (30 miles away) and tried on the Rutledge 3-333 last and the staff sized me for a size 8D which fit me fine so I made the purchase....
I just recently brought in some shirts and trousers to a local tailor in Los Angeles for alternations and was wondering what the average pricing is or what people who live in the area normally pay.   - Shortening shirt sleeves: $25 per shirt - Trouser hem: $13 per trouser - Trouser width / taper adjustment from thigh to ankle: $40 per trouser   Do those pricing seem about right? I don't really have much to compare against besides $6 hemming on jeans from...
So I've been waiting 3-4 weeks for my brand new Vernons to arrive from AE. After a long anticipation, today was the day I was suppose to expect delivery from FedEx. However, my tracking says "delivered: left at front porch, no signature required", but I was sitting near my door all day long and even checked my security camera footage. There was no FedEx driver present on my property..... I wish AE would have requested a signature confirmation for their...
  Sorry, I just realized that the way I worded the title was pretty awkward and confusing. I actually don't wear a suit jacket for business casual attire. My fault for the confusion.
Besides the ensemble mentioned already, I guess there's really nothing left for business casual?
I'm located in the West Coast (not too cold) and will be starting work real soon in a conservative business casual environment. Everyone that I've met so far wears dress pants, dress shoes, and dress shirt without the tie.   When fall gets cooler and winter comes along, what would be a good alternative to wearing a suit jacket to stay warm while keeping it business casual? The only thing I can think of would be a wool / cotton sweater over the dress shirt. I know...
Nice shoes! Are the Clifton's still in production? I can't seem to find them on AE's website, but they are shown on Nordstrom's website.
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