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Did you receive my messages?
Dock worker attire, haha IH and Clarks
I am currently an avid  member  User name: Kimochi of Solecollector Superfuture  Styleforum                        I have over 400+ Positive reviews and pride myself in customer service and quality price!       Iron Heart 634S 21oz Extra Heavy Selvage Selvedge Denim Jeans Self Edge sz 31   Unsoaked/Unwashed. Worn for 10 minutes.   Retail for these on Selfedge and IronHeart UK is $360 not including shipping/handling and...
Here are my listings, Please contact me on either Ebay or SF for a discount and a personal auction Over 400+ Positive feedbacks  on SF, SUFU, SC, eBay*
I am currently an avid  member  User name: Kimochi of      Solecollector Superfuture   Styleforum eBay*                           Marc Jacobs Premium Indigo Raw Selvage Selvedge Denim Jeans 33x35   BRAND NEW WITH TAGS. PRISTINE CONDITION! Please Judge condition by pictures!    Get it here MUCH cheaper! Retail is $250 not including shipping and taxes! Tag size is 30x34 but these are vanity sized. Actual...
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