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Noticing some striations in my new she'll strands. All over the caps. Left side is indicative. Thoughts?
It might be mine. Wrong size.
So I picked up by GMTO burgundy shell Strands.  They are gorgeous!  Exactly what I envisioned when I proposed this GMTO.  Here they are:       They are VERY dark, but they are burgundy.  I've noticed that AE's burgundy shell has gotten darker over the past few years.  I have seven pairs of burgundy shell - you can see the difference:   From l-r: - Bradley - at least 10 years old - Lexington - about a year old.  I've also stripped off as much gunk as I...
I like mine.
Patriot and McGregor
I'm pretty partial to most of my MTOs.
That was me.   
Here is when they were new -   
For the brown shells I already have:Walnut DatonBrown DundeeCappuccino McAllisterBrown Park AvenueWalnut/Cappuccino SheltonWalnut MacNeilBrown Wolverine 744Brown Strand I already have 18 pairs of shell, so I wanted to get colors I don't have.  I hear the dark brown isn't that off from normal brown, so I saw no reason to get it.
I've got shell fever!  In addition to the Strand and Towny GMTOs, I ordered the following:   MacGregor - 12 EEE Bottle Green Shell Cordovan Brown flat welt Brown piping Wheeling & fudging Medium brown transparent edge dressing Single JR sole   Patriot – 12 EEE Green shell cordovan  Light brown transparent edge dressing Brown flat welt Brown piping Single JR sole Fudging & wheeling All else standard for a cordovan shoe   Dundee – 12 EEE Natural shell...
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