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I got mine.  They had weird striations across the toe:   I spoke with Allison, who asked for them back.  They are currently being remade.  This is what they looked like:     I loved them and then they were gone.
So should the following bother me about my new green shell Patriots?   Bad glue job on the sock liner: Some sort of dent on the toe: Some sort of granule on the side (near the toe stitching):   Or am I just being picky?
Here you go @garland:  Green shell Patriots!  With the McGregors:
Four Patriots:  
Three trunk show MTOs have arrived so far:
Green Patriots have landed!  Pics to follow.
How much did those set you back?
Green Shell McGregors got here:     Photos are with flash.  I like them!
to this day I still get them in both locations.
I have both. I wear the same size in both.
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