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Is there a black friday sale at the outlets?
Byron at South Coast Plaza
Deer bone.  Lots of deer bone.
 Nothing.  I only keep them because my wife likes them so much.  So they sit on a shelf...
Also....Strawfut - loved the look, hated the fit.  Sold them. Still love these.
    Let's see.. Jingle Bell Mok (web gem), Summit Point (web gem), Neumoks (more web gems).  I also customed a pair of black & white McAllisters.  I had a pair of Broadstreets, but the 3 last never agreed with me.
I love my strands.  I just ordered them in black shell to complete the set.
Boca Raton.  Discontinued and on the 3 last.  They never fit right so I sold them.  
New Posts  All Forums: