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I wonder if this is the bourbon shell that Horween teased a few months back?
Buy from him.  Just pay close attention to the pictures.  Great guy.
Let's hope they stay limited.
It seems to expire once used.  I just used mine . :(
I didn't pay anything; been signed up for a while.  You can order over the phone, but then have to email them the coupon you get in email.  They're coded.
Mine came in email.     http://www.tangeroutlet.com/tangerclub
So let's make the HM boot the best steal ever!  Go to the Tanger Outlets Jeffersonville website and sign up for their communications.  You get a 20% off your entire purchase coupon that's good through today.  That makes the boot $200 before tax.  I did it; it works!
7.  Same as the Macneil
Just got them for $215 even!  Including tax!
I'm going to guess and get my normal size.  I very rarely deviate from 12 EEE.
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