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I've already got four pairs.... 
They're not.
They're actually MacGregors.
Here are my MTOs:   Natural shell Dundee - First Green shell Patriot - First Brown shell Townley - First Navy shell Carlyle - First Orange/white Neumok - First Blue/white Neumok - First Black/white McAllister - First White Neumok - First Burgundy shell old Lexington - Second, lining and model name issues Green shell McGregor - Second, stretching issues Cappuccino shell McAllisters - First Walnut shell/Cappuccino shell Sheltons - First Natural shell Strand -...
Out of my five trunk show orders, only one ended up being a second.
pics of the 12 E.  They just get better with age:            
All my trunk show orders:  
Kahuna -  Maybe I should adopt you.  I'm a 12 EEE.
My five trunk show orders:  
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