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When they were new:   
how about a pebble leather?
Cross-post from Appreciation Thread:        
I wear the Cambridges the most.  The Leeds have a funky fit.  I don't know why, since I have another pair of Leeds and they're fine.  I just have to get them stretched the right way.  I break all rules with the PAs and wear them with suits, even though they're shell and have a storm welt.  :)
The different shades of brown shell:   Natural, walnut, cappuccino, brown
Just got my last shell in (burgundy Strands) and decided to take some pics.
Three shell Strands:  
Brown shell:     Dundee, Bleecker Street, Wolverine 744 (AE made), Strand, Park Avenue, Townley
Walnut & cappuccino shell:     Walnut Dalton, walnut MacNeil, walnut/cappuccino Shelton, cappuccino McAllister
Natural shell     Dundee, Strand
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