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Speaking of walnut Strands - now that I have a pair in natural shell, I find my walnut calf Strands to be superfluous.  Size 12 EEE, worn twice (maybe three times).  If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM before I list them.  Also have a pair of black shell Leeds in 12 EEE that are damn near mint.
  Another pic of new finish vs old finish
The many shades of burgundy shell.... bottom right is the newest finish.
You should buy them.  They are beautiful.
I actually have a Strand that is the exact makeup of #2 without the sole.  Would it be too much to have it in a captoe and wingtip?
I ask because recrafting ruined one of my pairs of shell.  I can take the full price and put it towards whatever shoe I want.  I like the Cambridge, but want a natural edge/welt.  so either way it comes out to the same.
What do you guys think about a burgundy shell McAllister with natural edge dressing and welt?
 Gator and Shark.
Anyone have a pair of Wolverine 721 in size 13 they want to sell me?
different last.  Old Lexington was the one last.  Sanford was the 7 last.  See here for a Lexington: 
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