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I'm a 12 EEE.  I went with 13.
How do you all feel about webgems in particular?  I'm getting antsy waiting for a new one.  I think I've bought too many:   -3 Neumoks (White, Blue & White, Orange & White) -Red, white & blue McAllister -Jingle Bell Mok -Horseman -Walnut & cream MacNeil -Times Square
So looking through my collection, I realize I have a lot of MTOs, some of which I ordered, and others I purchased second hand.  I also have a couple of stock options that I had to purchase through the MTO program because I didn't get them the first time around.     MTOs I ordered: -Black sharkskin Eagle County -White Neumok (from Neumok promotion) -Orange/smooth white Neumok (from Neumok promotion) -Blue/pebble white Neumok (from Neumok promotion) -Baton Rouge with...
  What about me?  Your wish is my command.  Presenting a pair of Baton Rouges.  I liked the original design, but I hate gumlite soles.  I had them make me a pair with leather soles, orange tap soles, and indy lining.  I like the overall effect.  This is actually their third try.  The first pair was green, with no sole stitching and no edge dressing at all.  Not what I asked for.  The second try had an orange tap sole, but black heel counters.  Looked stupid, and Allison...
Yes.  The 8 last.  12 E blucher, 12 EEE bal.
So the Westchester in shell and the Grayson in shell didn't fit me.  See my signature if you want to take them off my hands.     Also - am I the only one who's excited for the GMTO Townley?   Awesome!
I have here a pair of burgundy shell cordovan Allen Edmonds Westchesters in size 11.5 EEE.  Didn't fit me.  These are seconds; I don't know why.  Please look at pics for condition.  $299 + shipping OBO.  PM me.
I have a pair of burgundy shell cordovan Allen Edmonds Graysons in 12 EEE.  Bought them, but they don't fit.  They are seconds; it appears the reason why is the black mark over the left toe.  Please look at the pictures.  $299 + shipping OBO.  PM me.
I actually scored mine off eBay. 300 for brand new firsts. I love them!
I also got a pair of Nassaus in brown shark.  I've been lusting after this one for years, finally found a pair that fits.  I'm normally a 12 EEE, but this pair in 12.5 E seems to fit.  I'm going to go with the v-tread tap sole.  As these are beat to hell and from the 70s, AE redrafting will have their hands full.  I'm also asking for a medium brown transparent edge.    
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