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eBay purchase.  Dirt cheap.  
Also... the ones in the middle.   
You can do it with sandpaper.  I've done it on a few pairs.  Just be careful.
  I have two pairs: one in shell and one in shark.  Unfortunately, neither are this specific color combo:   
Agreed.  I did these old-style Lexingtons like that.
My most recent that is still being made has wheeled edges. Not Indy or cordovan. I'm also a high-volume buyer.
I'm a 12 EEE on pretty much all Allen Edmonds lasts.  What of you think I'd be on the forest last?  Or is my foot so wide nothing will help?
I've had the Broadstreet for a long time, but the old 3 last just doesn't agree with my foot.  Just took advantage of the sale to have a McAllister made up to look just like a black/white Broadstreet.  All of the comfort of the 5 last with the snazziness of the Broadstreet's color scheme!
This is why I love shell.  I ordered the seconds of a pair of Truffle McAllisters I ordered awhile back.  I thought it might be fun to change the edge dressing and have a beater pair.  I put the new one next to the old one, and the variation in the color is pretty cool:     The new pair on the left looks almost ravello, while the one on the right looks like a golden-tinged version of the standard brown.  What do you guys think?  Is this enough variation for me to...
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