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You should buy them.  They are beautiful.
I actually have a Strand that is the exact makeup of #2 without the sole.  Would it be too much to have it in a captoe and wingtip?
I ask because recrafting ruined one of my pairs of shell.  I can take the full price and put it towards whatever shoe I want.  I like the Cambridge, but want a natural edge/welt.  so either way it comes out to the same.
What do you guys think about a burgundy shell McAllister with natural edge dressing and welt?
 Gator and Shark.
Anyone have a pair of Wolverine 721 in size 13 they want to sell me?
different last.  Old Lexington was the one last.  Sanford was the 7 last.  See here for a Lexington: 
I have them in navy shell. They're beautiful.
When they were new:   
how about a pebble leather?
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