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I would like some shell next.
I like Byron.  Good guy.
Ask and ye shall receive.  Really bummed I didn't pick these up in walnut shell when it was available.  Also blue, green, and dark brown.  And shark.
Mine are shell and are marked 9588.  They don't look stock anymore though: I have two pairs - one on the newer 1 last, and this old (30 years?) pair on the old 8 last.
Done.  I ordered them (I know, no one is surprised).  Also, ordered a Summit Ave belt.  I would've ordered Strands in the last sale with the AMEX offer, but I probably have too many.
Web gem MacNeil.  Done for the Olympics a few years back.  They also did a Strand, McAllister (I own it) and a Hampton.
I love your Hamptons!
Here's one no one ever sees... the Wendell.  I was sad with all of the bicycle toe bashing earlier this week, as this is technically a bicycle toe shoe.  Im wearing them today and I LOVE them.  They're on the 8 last and fit like a dream.  I have the Del Rey in chili and black; I just hardly ever wear them.  I've been trending more towards bals in the past few months.  
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