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Yea I have the darker side facing out. with the lighter side inwards.  The big strap has the padding so the darker colour is on the outside of the bag as well as the "accents"
So, heres a dumb question.  I ordered the Navy 256 and got it in today. It's beautiful!  However, I noticed that on one side of the straps its black"possibly a really dark brown" and the other is brown.  Do you guys usually switch it up? Or, do you carry it with a preference of one colour?
Hey, thanks for all the responses guys! The notebook I have now is a 14inch but eventually will be upgrading it to a 13in MBA.  I really just want it to be able to fit a pyrex container, drink, a few other things for lunch, a paper notebook, and my laptop, and pen case.  If it can fit all that then a 256 would be sufficient.. As for a sweater or anything if I did that I would leave the laptop at home.    I just really love the two colours Navy and Green.  Even though, I...
So, I know there's been a lot of these questions on this thread, and I've read most of them.  However, I am still curious as to what people's opinions are.  I would like to get a Filson bag to carry a notebook "not all the time", paper notebook, pen case, lunch, maybe a shirt or something else.  Would a 256 be sufficient or would I need to go with the 257?  I am also unable to decide between otter green and navy.  The navy to me looks more formal and business like which I...
To be honest, not that great. However, I'm guessing with your size it's hard to find anything smaller.
2 for sure.. 1 if they were sunglasses maybe! 
Buffalowang-  Just get some sleeker black shoes, tailor the suit "get sleeves shortened and pants hemmed". Then wear whatever your girlfriend wants you to wear for a shirt.  If you wanna get laid that's what you'll do.  If you don't then listen to people here and go for the white shirt.  IMO either way is fine. 
Is that a trick question? Of course it's acceptable. 
  You should try to have them widened at a cobbler.. I have a pair of boots and shoes that I've had the same problem with.. Keep in mind they don't stretch that much but after you wear them a few times after they will feel pretty good.. Next time try an E width 
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