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Yes. OP should avoid any weight that causes joint pain. Presses, arm curls and other upper body can be done sitting to not affect the hips and knees, Bench press is an obvious choice. Pull ups with a weighted belt, etc. If joint damage and resulting pain is chronic, he should consult with an orthopedist or sports medicine MD before any excercise program. Note as well that stretching could tear inflamed tendons, ligaments, etc. Bicycle/rowing would be a good choice, but I...
So many people find reasons not to lift weights-most of them flawed. Weight lifting is resistance (as are push ups and pull ups) and  burns calories and body fat, increases metabolism, increases testosterone levels, circulation, bone density, etc. A well-rounded fitness regimen should include weights.  There is a different regimen for weight lifting for tone, strength and endurance from that of body-building- even some male ballet dancers lift weights. No one regimen is...     Cafe Racer blog,   with additional Harley examples, among other cafe items
I suppose it is a minimalist retro-look, like 20s bikes. I like big fat BMW -like tanks or Norton's. You can lie down on them!           
what is this? Pipes high like these were originally intended for trials/scrambler bikes to keep them clear of grass/ ground rocks, right? Who the hell wants their leg against them- bizarre.    
I think I've seen one in pictures, XLCR?    Just Googled harley cafe racer-interesting results!
OMG. beautiful! I have had this desire for a harley-based cafe for years and do not understand why harley hasn't done it- the sportster /v-rod just doesn't do it for me. I discussed with a local builders but the frame geometry, etc is unknown to them.      
Agree totally, posted for comments. I was going to praise the zipper as well, but sometimes words aren't neccesary! Proper high riding boots would not only be wise, but would add to the visual appeal, for me, at least .The high heels are both dangerous and ridiculous. If that suit is plastic it would actually br worse than naked skin, as that plastc would melt into the skin and cause burns and incredible infection.    
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