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Wanted to be part of the cool shirt kids club and bought this shirt from grailed   [[SPOILER]] but the seller refunded me saying "his printer couldn't print the international shipping label". So I think, okay, well maybe he can just write the address on the envelope or find some other place to print, but no, he just listed it again and I'm guessing I shouldn't even bother. :(
Yeah sorry I tried to go for the ironic route. Anyway fucking around with the brim actually makes it look half-decent. Probably got a bit too flat from being, you know, mailed. Sorry :(
So I've been waiting for this package for a couple of days now. Checking shipment status every other day, imagining how it will look on me, all in all getting quite excited. I make sure I have cash on me just in case I need to pay duties. This morning, the doorbell rings. This is it. I'm sitting in my bathrobe and underwear, jump up from my desk chair, grab my wallet and sprint down. While I say good morning to the Polish guys working in my apartment building, I feel a...
I put my size 46 suiting wool MA1 online at grailed and the site fucking crashes (i rest my case). Starting the listing @ 439 + 30 shipping, retail price but you're still pretty much skipping a what, 14 month waiting time? Here's the pics. 1 small tear fixed in lining   http://imgur.com/a/UFvaN
Might sell my suiting wool ma1 in 46, unless anyone has a 48 and wants do downsize?
Someone buy this so I don't have to.    http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/Mens-Patrik-Ervell-Heavy-Button-Collar-Shirt-/261597331705?ssPageName=ADME:B:WNA:BE:3160
Yup, think I'm gonna love it irl :)
our legacy  
pep guardiola?
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