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About the jacket: I'd say it's pretty consistent, maybe a *tad* smaller than previous seasons but definitely not a full size. It's meant to be somewhat cropped, so you might get away with it. On me it looks exaggerated. Pit to pit is 22.5", total back length, including collar: 26.7". Shirt: Yeah the sizing of the shirts is the same as post FW13, neck opening is on the large side but not it's really an issue for me.
FWIW I just got the Mechanics jacket as well in teal green. I bought an M since that's what I usually am in Ervell's outerwear but this is the first time I'm gonna return it. A bit too short in the arms and hits me above the belt when I close it. Pit to pit is just okay, as are the shoulders. Going to swap for an L. Fabric is gorgeous, colour is just amazing irl. It's a bit more woolly than pics suggest though, not as smooth.
I own M and LL in both stitchless and standard buttondown : 21.5 p2p 18.5 s2sM in standard buttondown 21 p2p 17.5 s2s Stitchless buttondown is in a supersoft fabric, really nice :) First time I sized up to L and I think it's a better fit overall. Pretty much same height/weight as you
same as Standard button down from the same season. Just got one. :)
Anyone else pre-ordered something? Ordered a couple of items 6 weeks ago and they estimated 3-4 weeks ... hope I'll get the e-mail soon.
Archive is back with $20 off code RELAUNCH20 until 10/25. Some additions, my favourites are the knit baseball jacket in marine which would be an insta-cop for me in M. It's an S. I own the beige coach jacket and it's pretty much my go-to jacket for the last couple of weeks. I bought it second hand for not much less than is asked now fwiw. And the mechanics jacket which I would probably buy as well in an M. Just a clean, effortless and good looking...
Yeah you could say something along the lines of ... 'I could just return it, buy it again with the code and be done with it. It's simpler for both of us if you just refund the difference'. They don't need to know about the sleeves.
50% off remaining sample sale if you're on their mailing list. You have to print the email.
Yeah CP's break in
In my experience, they don't :(
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