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I'm not very imaginative. will update with reviews when I receive it. especially curious to the bomber. (shirts were actually a medium.)   
dude ofc i have proof?
Buyer was being an ass / unfriendly as hell to me so I ignored him when he asked for the tracking n°. victory is in the little things sometimes
I don't know, the more I look at it the more I think the rubberized cotton looks more like leather, which makes no sense at all on a parka but that would be pretty tacky obviously. Gonna reiterate stuff other people said: + 1 for the technical cardigan. And this season looks really nice. Might purchase 4-5 items of it but holding off until I know how some of the stuff fits... The pocket sweater always seems to be a gamble with the fit changing every other season or so....
Both "should or shoudn't I buy" and "someone should kop": last this winter's rubberized cotton parka for € 199 on matches.   http://www.matchesfashion.com/product/214459
Exactly the piece I was eyeing, probably going for the greenish version as I simply have too much navy in my wardrobe
Sooo SS15 is on the website
kill me
is that your penis?
patrik ervell, waxed cotton
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