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Yup, think I'm gonna love it irl :)
our legacy  
pep guardiola?
that's really weird. probably the medium stonewash then, the light wash is, well, pretty light
Those are still from SS14, FW hasn't dropped yet but probably will.
I already have red wing postmans, talk me out of these    http://www.vooberlin.com/dr-martens-octavius-shoes-black   I think i just did
They mark down the value on customs forms by default. Never had any issues, live in Belgium and customs are very strict too. YMMV obviously but I wouldn't worry too much.
Got the three colourways: light wash in size 30, medium stonewash also in 30 and the black jeans in size 31. FW13, FW13 and SS14 respectively. I also got them in that order, the first one was perfect in the waist, inseam *just* long enough (still pretty short), the medium stonewash turned out to run a full size smaller for some reason, and the 31 in black is perfect, both waist and inseam.   Really like the washes of all three. Wide in the thighs with a nice taper is...
lightwash jeans?
they're the selvedge denim in black :)
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