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Got the three colourways: light wash in size 30, medium stonewash also in 30 and the black jeans in size 31. FW13, FW13 and SS14 respectively. I also got them in that order, the first one was perfect in the waist, inseam *just* long enough (still pretty short), the medium stonewash turned out to run a full size smaller for some reason, and the 31 in black is perfect, both waist and inseam.   Really like the washes of all three. Wide in the thighs with a nice taper is...
lightwash jeans?
they're the selvedge denim in black :)
Mykita thorvald       fit pic http://www.styleforum.net/t/394687/the-waywt-discussion-thread-part-ii/1335#post_7225193
  sorry for the filter, took it from my IG   APC Mykita shades Ervell Ervell CP
ervell   (hoodie)
top one almost perfect but for the shoes. :(
acne adrian pretty sure
am i stupid for suggesting this would depend on your complexion and hair colour a lot? I'm a darker type with black hair, I'd totally buy the white one to go with my tan.  if you're blonde I think green is a better match.
thanks to some dude on someone should cop
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