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The refund arrived. I was so sure at some point they were just screwing around with me and not planning to refund at all, that's when I made those previous comments. Turns out it was a big case of negligence indeed and some unlucky circumstances I guess.Very happy it got resolved.
Thanks, you might be right but it's harder and harder to keep thinking that if you have all the information. This is from an order placed in Sept. 2015 by the way, two items they literally forgot about and a third one I tried on for 1 minute and then asked to return. When they finally agreed to refund the first two items they forgot about the one I returned...
Thanks, I am emailing. Calling is really expensive as I live in Europe but maybe I'll try a cheap plan somewhere.
Didn't work, too much time has passed. Trying to make some bad press right now, who knows it'll pressure these conscienceless crooks into something. Sorry to sound snarky, but it is a lot of money after all. If anyone has any other ideas, I'd be glad to hear it. I commented they owed me $900 on two of their IG pics and the comments were gone 5 minutes later. Either it was a spam filter, but probably already deleted. Does anyone think blogs would cover something like this?...
Still no sign of that $900 owes me. Bunch of amateurs...
Not the guy to complain on social media but I thought you should know: has failed to deliver upon my 1000 EUR+ order from Sept. 2015 and owe me around 800 EUR. I've been way too patient with them. Here's a copy paste from another forum:  March 12 now, haven't heard anything since. Caveat emptor.
Hah I'm still waiting for a refund as well. Said two weeks as well, on 3 now. CS has been less than stellar as well in the past but I've been giving them the benefit of the doubt.
SS16 dropped
About the jacket: I'd say it's pretty consistent, maybe a *tad* smaller than previous seasons but definitely not a full size. It's meant to be somewhat cropped, so you might get away with it. On me it looks exaggerated. Pit to pit is 22.5", total back length, including collar: 26.7". Shirt: Yeah the sizing of the shirts is the same as post FW13, neck opening is on the large side but not it's really an issue for me.
FWIW I just got the Mechanics jacket as well in teal green. I bought an M since that's what I usually am in Ervell's outerwear but this is the first time I'm gonna return it. A bit too short in the arms and hits me above the belt when I close it. Pit to pit is just okay, as are the shoulders. Going to swap for an L. Fabric is gorgeous, colour is just amazing irl. It's a bit more woolly than pics suggest though, not as smooth.
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