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bunch of stuff [[SPOILER]] come on you postman!
Anyone who can comment about the fit of the technical knit cardigan? Googling around doesn't help much. I'm an M in his knit cardigans but this one seems a bit more tailored.
amazing piece
Sorry, is it a personal code? Do you mind sharing?
Fwiw I bought one! Guess I have to thank you ;)
I think he had 2 threads in sufu's bst
Thread seems offline already so just wanna chime in about the quilted hoodie I have ...  I have the all black one, inner stitching is white (not visible when worn, obviously) but the quality is horrible. Stitching has come loose in 10+ places, because of that there are white threads showing all over the place. I've taken it to the tailor twice already and I'm very close to just giving up on the damn hoodie. Sent a email to the webstore about it -- not because it'll help,...
Speaking of sales, when does the PE.com sale start again? Was it mid december?
Wanted to be part of the cool shirt kids club and bought this shirt from grailed   [[SPOILER]] but the seller refunded me saying "his printer couldn't print the international shipping label". So I think, okay, well maybe he can just write the address on the envelope or find some other place to print, but no, he just listed it again and I'm guessing I shouldn't even bother. :(
Yeah sorry I tried to go for the ironic route. Anyway fucking around with the brim actually makes it look half-decent. Probably got a bit too flat from being, you know, mailed. Sorry :(
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