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Anyone handled the current mmm navy 5 zip by any chance, I only saw like two posts about it a while back.   Hows the quality? I read somewhere someone said it was poo.... it be true?
  I was just expanding on what Master-Classter and I am sure many others have also noticed and I expressed this in my own blunt way ( you could probably minus the age part...and insert idk, say... miserable, frustrated, someone with a 5hitty life or day?).   So nope, I don't intend to clutter or sidetrack this section, maybe just pm me instead to explain ay.
 Late 20s and most probably 30 something year old trolls maybe? I'm guessing they have come to the reality they are now too old for certain things that only youth can really grasp onto and rock out, so in a snark undertone they vent their personal frustration over the internet where realistically, let's be honest no one cares about nor finds funny. I tend to notice the ones who are bitter are the older ones who think they are funny or attempt to be, ending up being a non...
Does that mean they will charge you for viewing their website, pay per view?
  Never wear leather while driving a car, never!     One thing I can say with confidence, definitely don't size up, so good decision.   I obviously don't know how it fits and feels as I am not you, but from your pictures, you can see you have room in the chest and upper clavicle area merging towards shoulders. Your arms are not shrink wrapped in it, you could probably wear a light knit under that, that's how much room I see, so definitely no sizing up, keep that.   You... is very similar mate, I guess you haven't before?         koo koo khaa chaa, koo koo khaa chaa   That turtle backpack is dope! and that Horween is going to last forever, wonder how rigid that jacket is going to be.
^its like a giant arsed turtle   All he needs is some green makeup and one of these:  
Yea stores with pickup returns is the bomb.   Tbh I am sure everyone knows this, but it still is always best to know what you are planning to get and it is what you really want and fits (I know this is hard though, especially for myself living in Australia, near impossible to find stores that stock what I want).   Also I am sure some people don't pay that much attention but...   If you buy internationally, you will be charged international exchange rate fees...
  At that price at ~$800 it's pretty much the standard they go at no? just wait for sales homie, they always around, I see them everywhere  
  Paul Smith will never be skinny their off the rack items are never slim. Skinniest  width on hem would be 16-17cm I'm guessing.   New shit kickers: MMM painted Gats  
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