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Does anyone knows where can I get the shoe laces as shown in this image? Love to have something alternative to the yellow laces offered by default.  
Been lurking around this thread and decided to get myself a pair of White's semi dress. I'm fascinated about how the brown dress SD evolves that I've seen in previous posts and will like a classic pair for a start as my first White's boots. I saw that Bakers offer the standard SD, but I probably will like something slightly different than that. After reading around the forum (including seeking clarifications with Kyle via email, he has so far been very helpful) and some...
what u guys think of GT with white's kind of leather shoelaces? Does it work?
what u guys think of GT with white's kind of leather shoelaces? Does it work?
sold and thanks all for your interest.
Is this a lightweight or medium weight gingham shirt?   Anyone knows any other stores where I can find this chambray blue? Considering a medium in this..  
^^ the tartan feels like regular oxford,medium weight..received mine for this and I love it..
Thanks RuffyD.   If the event is over for gitman vintage can we still purchase?I tried contacting their support to clarify abit,but was told that they could not find the brand. I gave them the link then and they have not get back to me..   @ zissou I bought that from epaulet.Have to agree..for the price the quality should have been better...I doubt I can do anything about it now and I should have check thoroughly when I first received it..was disappointed but...
Is it still on? Can't seem to find Gitman Vintage from the menus & events..able to direct me?
I recently bought a navy overdyed,haven got to wear it yet. I've noticed the length on one side of the shirt is longer than the other (shall let the pictures do the talking...)   apologies for the poor image... button up to the last button,one side is longer than the other...anyone has the same issue with their shirts?      
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