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thanks all!  thanks johnvw will check belt outlet   bob
albert thurston is superb!! thank you. seems i can order direct from them. thanks SO MUCH.  high quality.   best   bob
thanks codeman!  where do you buy your suspenders?   Bob
good afternoon1  i am having my tailor add brace buttons to my better pants. i own one pair of brooks bros. suspenders. anyone else like suspenders?  where do you buy them? i want real button suspenders, not clip ons.   have a super day! bob
good morning gentlemen!  i always get help here!  simple question;  used suits.   OK, i own ONE Oxxford suit.  i know the history, and quality. cannot afford them now.  on this forum, and elsewhere, like "an affordable wardrobe" you can buy used suits.  i am a simple size, should be easy enough.   is there any reason i should not buy used suits? insect pests?  could always dry clean.  one favorite thing i have is a Lock fedora from around the 1940's   i had it...
thank you!!
funny you should say!  i just added hats, to my addictions!   i use Bruce Holland at Holland hats.     they have a nice web site, just got 4 fedoras, will next get a panama summer hat!   have fun, and wear your hat!   Bob
good afternoon!  in my travels, i just found a local tailor, who replaced a button. she said "no charge" but i paid her.  she said she would do custom shirts.  she is very nice!   OK, i live near Boston. where might I find HIGH quality cotton dress shirt fabric? i would absolutely buy fabric, with a picture, from far away!   any ideas?     i would like to give her the business, and would like to try custom shirts1   thanks   bob
THANKS GUYS!!!!     have a great day. bob
THANK YOU man of lint!  will check it out.. should get the biltmore this week.  an older gentleman at the coffee shop today GAVE me a lock hat made for brooks brothers!! yay!  nice brown fedora.  can i get it cleaned somewhere?  it needs a little help, although it looks GREAT!  i printed out your note and will cehck out Tibor, and the link!     do you have pictures of your hats?  where do you buy them?   thanks so much   bob
New Posts  All Forums: