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  just got my first Optimo hat.  unbelievable!  the quality is beyond description.  check it out!   optimo.com   got a chicago in classic weight, bison brown.  i will have to buy more!   also would like to put in a good word for shopthefinest.com.   Ian Daniels very helpful!   just ordered a Borrelli shirt. did not receive it yet.   great clothes, great prices.   do any of you own optimo hats?   best   Bob
thank you everyone!  I am willing to hand wash my shirts.  will look into all the places you mentioned.  keep the ideas coming! best   bob
thanks tried and true!   am willing to pay $300   please tell me some custom makers you know and trust!   bob   you can send me private message if you like   thakns
thank  you spandexter!  prices look GREAT!!!!  Kiton $7200 suit for $2400!! makes you wonder just how much profit the stores make!   what did you buy from them????   thanks so much, this was new to me! bob   you can send me private message with what you bought if you like
good morning!  i would like to buy some nice shirts. i know there is a difference between great quality, and just a big brand name!   i have an old Borrelli shirt i got at Louis Boston many years ago, i wash on gentle and hang dry and hand iron. i love it!   i have a very few Kiton shirts, which i also love   i notice that Stanley Korshak often has sales, they now have a $700 Kiton shirt for about $280   does anyone have any advice on great quality shirts i can...
thanks all!  thanks johnvw will check belt outlet   bob
albert thurston is superb!! thank you. seems i can order direct from them. thanks SO MUCH.  high quality.   best   bob
thanks codeman!  where do you buy your suspenders?   Bob
good afternoon1  i am having my tailor add brace buttons to my better pants. i own one pair of brooks bros. suspenders. anyone else like suspenders?  where do you buy them? i want real button suspenders, not clip ons.   have a super day! bob
good morning gentlemen!  i always get help here!  simple question;  used suits.   OK, i own ONE Oxxford suit.  i know the history, and quality. cannot afford them now.  on this forum, and elsewhere, like "an affordable wardrobe" you can buy used suits.  i am a simple size, should be easy enough.   is there any reason i should not buy used suits? insect pests?  could always dry clean.  one favorite thing i have is a Lock fedora from around the 1940's   i had it...
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