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good afternoon all!   THIS IS ALL DDDREES  fault!   i just ordered edward green dover, in dark oak.   and so it begins.   best regards,   Bob  
thanks bespoken! will work on photos!  i did just get Bicks 4.  i look forward to getting more C&J.  more affordable than Edward Green. a big price difference for me.   have a GREAT DAY! best, Bob
good morning!  just got a pair of crockett and jones.westfield in dark brown.  I love them! I keep them at work and will never wear them outside.   general questions:   1. do you use Bick 4 leather conditioner, or saphir renovateur? 2. do you treat the leather sole of the shoe? 3. use shoe wax or shoe cream? 4. if I got boots, would they more or less fit the same?   would like any advice!  I really like the shoes, light, yet supportive, a cut above Allen...
great color! great design! great shine!   how did you do the shine!   way to go!   bob  
THANK YOU rbhan!   I WOULD like to support his business, and the price is much lower than Edward green!   best   bob and thanks
THANK YOU Shawl! do you own any of his shoes?  like them?   have a great  day bob
beginner questions:   I like the way his shoes look.  how do I buy them? credit card?  ship to Massachusetts?  if they don't fit, can I return them?   I do love his shoes.   best   bob     and thanks! 
THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!  i appreciate all your help!   have a super day! now will save my money for first pair of greens   bob  
THANK YOU DDDREES!   which Edward Green do you own?  own any boots? do you use shoe conditioner, like Saphir renovator?   have a super day best regards, Bob
THANK YOU Benjamin!   by DOAK, do you mean dark oak color?   i have a bunion, base of large toe.  which last would be better?   which edward greens do you own? own any boots? do you use leather conditioner, as Saphir renovator? creme polish or wax?   these shoes are expensive to me, i will take super care of them.   THANK YOU!  would love any other advice! have a great day! bob
New Posts  All Forums: