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umm im not sure about that because im 42 in cps and 43 in gats. 42 is my true to size.
they dont sell the 17.5 cm like the diors jeans dont they?
excellent fit and overall theme, thats something id wear.
yea i wouldnt tuck them either, dont have the certain style to pull that off properly. thank you, ill get those white+black SLP next for sure.
i never have learned to rock the high tops. u talkin about this one? http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503535667&cgid=mens-sneakers&index=15  how would u pull them off properly? is there a pic i can see somebody wearing them (any high top) with the jeans thats done properly?______________________________I know this came last year, but where can i find this for my size? i wear, 42 cps, 43 MMM, 7 lanvin.   also what size SLP...
hey guys, does anybody have a side to side comparison color of navy / black for suiting wool MA-1? im looking to purchase this as my next jacket.
cant pull those off with the right clothing style,  wont work for me but thanks. lols, i just need to expand my sneaker wear, ill deal with boots later, looking at MMM side zips but if i get that it will be only used for more dressy occasions which i dont mind but im looking for something casual/everyday wear. im not rich, so i have to be selective on what i need. they dont really appeal to me much either, except for the winter premium achillles that is black/white sole....
examples of pictures with the certain colorway?
thanks so size 6 sounds like extra large :( im size medium/large. is it true to size? like it matters anyways rofl.
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