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true detective has been confirmed to be filming this week as per taylor's twitter from some website i read up in facebook news feed.   so it looks like it will be released by summer 2015. sounds like a 5-6 months shooting, 1-2 months editing.
yea like the guy said above   u could try typing in google dior homme raw denim//jeans or dior homme BRUT (Made in Japan) or NOSTALGY (made in italy)....honestly made in japan if u can find is better but not by much.   http://www.dior.com/couture/en_int/mens-fashion/ready-to-wear/jeans/raw-blue-17-4385   u would probably try contacting their stores and ask about the raw denim.   the sizing info for raws should be one size down or TTS if u have larger legs.
god! one day i will get the MA-1 Suiting wool in charcoal or black.
i would spend 500-800$ on a pair of dior jeans, depending on the wash of course.   as for raws, i wouldnt spend more than $400.   definitely NOT a fan of balmain's 1.5k jeans.
does anybody own the charcoal dior peacoat from 2 years ago? man that thing i saw in person...unbelievably awesome looking, smooth mixture of wools/cashmere. was the best peacoat ive seen.   i also like balmain's military peacoat in navy, but i prefer it had silver buttons, not gold.
apc and dior are timeless imo. with certain washes/raw. i dont have any slimane cuts but only bought diors from 2011-2013. which i thought dior washes were leagues above any pre-washed jeans that ive worn or know of...so far. what other jeans is like dior but just a notch below? cuz dior is above at its own class imo.
u know regis, u should really contact the owner/designer of MMM and tell him how much u admire his work and clothing, that u almost literally have every single piece of it and wear it every damn day. he might just give a rep for certain deals or something.   go do it.
yea LV ruined those shoes, just the tongue would do with those trademarks.
 i just speak out my mind, and im very lazy when it comes to writing "properly" on the internet. this is not an english course where its graded for report cards. despite how bad i write here, i am far more intelligent than u will ever expect from me but i dont give a shit if u still think im a "dumbass" lol... im just putting this out there. thanks for the chuckle btw. :)
so speaking of games   my list of favorite games of all time   xenogears   chrono trigger   the legend of zelda : link to the past   final fantasy tactics   final fantasy 7   super mario 64   the legend of zelda : orcania of time (personally think link to the past is better...because i had more fond memories of it...the light + dark world transition too, so imagine that in orcania of time 3d graphics settings, which makes it even better than time itself....
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