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 i just speak out my mind, and im very lazy when it comes to writing "properly" on the internet. this is not an english course where its graded for report cards. despite how bad i write here, i am far more intelligent than u will ever expect from me but i dont give a shit if u still think im a "dumbass" lol... im just putting this out there. thanks for the chuckle btw. :)
so speaking of games   my list of favorite games of all time   xenogears   chrono trigger   the legend of zelda : link to the past   final fantasy tactics   final fantasy 7   super mario 64   the legend of zelda : orcania of time (personally think link to the past is better...because i had more fond memories of it...the light + dark world transition too, so imagine that in orcania of time 3d graphics settings, which makes it even better than time itself....
me and my friends always had a rule. no fucking oddjob.
the patent toe cap looks good if u are wearing with a suit instead of dress shoes (alt style). otherwise it just stands out too much. but for casual wear, id never wear patent toe cap. only smooth, casual looking ones. and ill definitely say the guy whos wearing maroon lanvin with blue pants is retarded. that colorway is DEFINITELY clown-ish as fuck.
says the guy who wears rick owens shoes. they are far more clowny looking shoes. just ridiculous looking in a bad way.  and i really dislike y-3 shoes. alot.
only if u are really skinny.
just get the waist cut by .5 inches or 1 inch.
then going deeper into fashion since this is ur first post. u will realize comfort isnt everything, its looks, fit AND comfort.   and i suppose u only have "comfort" since both ur fit and look are pure shit.   then fashion isnt for u. true fashion means u take passion into what u wear, as in creating ur own character without being lazy (exactly like this pic, its just overall pathetic and terrible), ignorant and arrogant about it and most of all cheap. it doesnt work...
 ok in terms of brown, its too bright. would rather have a bit more darker brown. and i dont mean boots as light as his pants obviously, thats dumb. i meant darker/slate gray.
i personallyh think the boots are nice but they dont excatly fit ur overall color theme based on the clothing u wear.  i feel some light grey/slate boots wouldve been better. but i totally understand why u did that is because of ur hair color lols.
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