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Thank you, I'm fairly confident the 31 will fit me perfectly.
SO nobody understands what I'm saying?
Just don't get the shiny caps. Simple.
Hello, I have a question.   I own a pair of diors 17.5 and 19cm in sz 31...the 19cm fits me much better while 17.5 cm is borderline small. They have 98% CO and 2% EA   Now I'm about to order a 100% cotton pre washed jeans, its 18.5 cm straight/slim cut...I was wondering if I should order it at sz 31 since the dior 19cm fits me perfectly. Or go with sz 32? which is probably 19.5cm with the size up.   I'm not quite familiar with the 100% CO jeans because all my jeans...
Probably the best fit and look you have right now, nothing is weirdly shaped, out of wack styles. You finally got it down...I hope.
they dont have it like that, only common projects come similar to that but i already have the all white, im looking to mix up brands with classic styles. i plan to get the SLP high tops black + white verison.
thoughts on those shoes?   http://www.farfetch.com/ca/shopping/men/givenchy-classic-lo-top-sneakers-item-11065049.aspx?storeid=9016&ffref=lp_260_55_
haha thats dope man, sorry it took so long for me to reply. thats cool your girl is experimenting on fashion, that really does take a while and is quite tricky to get the style "just right" for the person. it took me probably 8 yrs to figure out my fashion....especially the jeans part from gap, levis, true religions ( FUCKING UGH), to 7 of mankind, diesel and now dior, with a mixture of dsquared2, RRL and other slim fit stuff....ah, its mostly constantly upgrading to more...
How does balenciaga slim straight jeans compare 19cm cut dior?     im looking to purchase this     http://www.barneys.com/balenciaga-slim-straight-jeans-502520264.html#prefn1=brand&prefv1=Balenciaga&pagetype=brand&start=6   i have a couple dior jeans but never balenciaga so i need to be sure on the sizing.
 man i really like ur style, that u dress well and got a gf that actually dresses quite well and tries to be leveled for both of u to work very nicely. thats one of those really hard to find things.
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