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I dont get why they had to be shut in the first place? I just bought my first blazer and im wondering about this.
Yes, it's true, I'm an asshole.  (edited for content - Fok)
its silly for them not to restock the most popular and best color of the kake mock.
 the hat does not go with the outfit (unless u are some celeb and trying to hide ur face), and like you said the boots need to be better. however the jeans are hemmed a bit too short. it's preferably to have a BIT of stacking for ur style.
why cant JE or RG restock the SAGE?
 thats fine i said brass TIPPED>...meaning the  very end of the drawstrings which is tied like a knot...the off white is perfectly fine as it is. and a hybrid of a kake mock and villian is sure to sell, u can fucking bet on it.
The jeans is just too skinny, but those CP's are fine ...just is probably brand new...worn in CP's is a better more grounded look but still white as shit, just as not glaring.   anyways the right style for cp's is to have the jeans tucked beneath the tongues of the shoe...just not with those jeans.
Sage is simply the best color of all the Kake Mocks. i am just not a fan of the vintage looking drawstrings...wish they were brass tipped or something. maybe the next JE hoodie like the kake but with brass tips + zipper on the sides.
sage kake mock is the rarest and the best.
Rais imo is top 5 WAYWT style.
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