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hirch seems to be a very extremely selfish, greedy...gold-digging bitch. dumps the boyfriend because he wouldnt buy her new pairs of jeans, tries asking her parents and they wouldnt either?   bitch looks 60 for fucks sake, she acts like shes 15.   and she's very ugly. i guess it matches her shit personality.   easily my most hated poster.
Originally Posted by sepp  Have worn it with jeans and chinos paired with tees and short sleeves. It looked really low key to me most of the time actually. These sneakers doesn't really "jumped out" to me. What are your thoughts?   pants dont work with that, u need some sort of jeans.   and u really need to ditch that ugly shirt.
 just curious, how would u pull an outfit together by wearing this? seems to be be rather hard to look actually good on the streets without too much "flash" its more of a club / concert type shoe imo.
 those are raw denim worn 2-3 yrs for this look correct?
wrong shoes to make the look complete.   common projects white would do the trick, it has a very certain look thats refreshing instead of that "dull looking toe cap" shoe.
oh god ouch, what kind of dog? damn that sucks btw are those diors ink me jeans?
they dont loosen up much at all really. im not sure what diesel type is slim straight. i used to buy them before, didnt like the cut.   so stopped buying diesel, diors are much better but also more expensive.   just go to the store that sells diesel and try them on. i would go true to size because they dont stretch that much.
one, dont ever get a boot cut.   two, get a slim straight. skinny are just too much unless u really are a twig.
ok if u dont know the cut...then does balenciagia fit like dior jeans?
Question :   What cm are those Balenciaga black wax denim jeans? for example, dior is 17.5m or 19cm.   and im hoping those are 17.5-18cm?  
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