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oh god ouch, what kind of dog? damn that sucks btw are those diors ink me jeans?
they dont loosen up much at all really. im not sure what diesel type is slim straight. i used to buy them before, didnt like the cut.   so stopped buying diesel, diors are much better but also more expensive.   just go to the store that sells diesel and try them on. i would go true to size because they dont stretch that much.
one, dont ever get a boot cut.   two, get a slim straight. skinny are just too much unless u really are a twig.
ok if u dont know the cut...then does balenciagia fit like dior jeans?
Question :   What cm are those Balenciaga black wax denim jeans? for example, dior is 17.5m or 19cm.   and im hoping those are 17.5-18cm?  
rofl ill agree to that. LV is a terrible brand, also quite tacky. changed it. now much better.
kenzo brands are expensive and one of the worst, so tacky and something u can find the style at wal-mart with the kiddie looking crap of the ridiculous tiger face that doesnt fit the adult theme of serious fashion   only people with poor fashion taste would ever purchase kenzo.
looks good, but i couldnt help notice how short and skinny u are when the boots are like size of clown shoes for a person of ur structure. i couldnt help but laugh. hahahaha! damn.
 it looks a bit too flashy for me but if u have the style to pull it off, by all means go for it. those usually go for more than 600. so its definitely a good deal.
thank you very much! i was lookng for more on the casual side, something i can wear 3times a week in the fall/winter.  yes black seems a bit more formal.
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