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agreed. especially way better tongue design.
Lol, I must say I gotta agree due to the patch marks on it, that pretty much killed it for me...not like i was gonna buy it anyways.
Wow yea...and i didnt know stallone would care this much about fashion...lol.  what other stars were there? and I HOPE TO GOD THAT HEDI RETURNS TO DIOR! the hints of ppl posting his past designs indicates his return to DIOR!RAF SIMON FUCKING SUCKS!
well that sounds like me except i dont eat ramen, lmao. I buy very selective things i need then i go broke lol. never ever spent more than $700 CDN on a single item so far. mostly got on sale or reg price.
wish hedi would go back to dior...nobody makes the jeans as he does.
missed it but in for pics!
nut suede?
ugh, u rich sob. instant buy 3k item lol.
Holy hell..I dont even know what size i should be going for??? lol :(
they dont hug tightly on my dior 17.5cm, they are pretty fit like not too snug or loose. in between i guess, having the stretch helps. slp dont really sell 17.5cm right now and it would be rather hard to find. I'll just stick with their amazing boots and tops.
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