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I lol'd hard at the OJsimpson when he said jeans are too loose?! they are already borderline too tight looking.
Just not the same, since looking at the toe cap, its too bulgy. Besides I only want one in black/super dark gray.
That's actually good combination, something I'd definitely wear casually. Hold on, that's not actually purple isnt i t? it looks grey to me. ..
Oh weird, the size 28 doesnt make u look like u are that skinny. damn, that's really lightweight. I'm like the same height but am at 175 lbs atm. Wow, weird cuz the size 28 what you are wearing is what my jeans look like on me atm.
Does anybody know how to get rid of the prewashed jeans "designed manually" crease lines? I bought mine and it looked nothing like in the photo   I want to remove most of the lines, how do I do that? scrub with wire sponge or something?
How short are you Adamdraps? they look like 19cm cut, not the 16cm cut they usually go for.   I usually wear the same jean look as 28 because I work out a lot but I wear size 31.
Yea, its too expensive to buy brand new right now :(
I thought those MMM side zips of that particular was from 2012 or something? Those are the best side zip boots ever. Both dressy and casual.
Subtle I never owned a pair of Dior Jeans.It was Dior that refined the stacking and he looks great with it. I don't like the clean look hemmed with no stacking. Too conservative for my tastes.
Oh.......ahhaha sorry.
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