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damn, i missed out on the charcoal tiny waffle knit f/w richard jacket...:(
shame its out of print.
wow, that's a great jacket.
I did, i had phat farm, ecko, rockawear, kari kani, etc. wore basketballl jerseys to school, k swiss shoes. not black, not white but asian lol .
im looking for the '15 or earlier versions of chained wyatt's black that's not suede. .... i believe 2016 doesnt have it. so half a size down technically, thanks
How does the sizing work in Chained Wyatts?   is it similar to lets say, robert geller x common project collab side zip boots?
I dont get why they had to be shut in the first place? I just bought my first blazer and im wondering about this.
Yes, it's true, I'm an asshole.  (edited for content - Fok)
its silly for them not to restock the most popular and best color of the kake mock.
 the hat does not go with the outfit (unless u are some celeb and trying to hide ur face), and like you said the boots need to be better. however the jeans are hemmed a bit too short. it's preferably to have a BIT of stacking for ur style.
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