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Kake Mock Loopwheel is way better than the raw edge hoodie. I prefer raw edge crewnecks if I were to pick a raw edge.
What did he even end up selling it for?
Love the look strangebrew. Similar to the style I use/aiming for.   Except I would wear some casual button down shirt instead of the tee of the same color.
But the UK site is pretty much the same as US site in terms of pricing? Unless you go to their store in the UK, which in that case....FUCK THAT.
 That stripe shoulder detail was created by Sandro first, then SLP copied it a year later and made it part of their permanent collection cuz it was so popular.
Anyone have fit pics of the Beige cardigan that's Notre exclusive? Especially the buttoned up look that Notre failed to display.
Is that SNS Herning Sweater the Black Hole version?
JExBM Stadium Jacket is one jacket I'd truly give my left nut for.
Lol the grey is going to be the exact same as raw edge and every other grey sweatshirt JE has.
Jason Markk is trash, go to hangerproject and get the Saphir brand, pretty much the best.
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