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Got mine a few days ago as well, going to pair them with some 15.5s
Where do you see that? All i see is the cedar ones for $19.95 Just ordered from them via paypal and no problems here, got the confirmation email right after placing the order.
Went to the SLP store in Midtown, they still have a pair of Destroyed denim jeans in a 28.
Would like to know as well.  Also, Does anyone know how the striped pocket tees fit?Like this one http://www.ysl.com/u...40116813le.html
Europe only?
    Need Supply has some, Use code SFNOV10  
Says: available only in canada
Slim with relaxed back, nothing like Uniqlo's.   
  I don't think those are Westpoint Chinos.
I take it that was the one from ebay? I was thinking about bidding on it, but i wouldve prolly only worn it once or twice max.
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