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Can anyone give me a description on how these fit? I'm specifically looking to wear it tucked out and hoping it fits slim length wise so it doesn't look all droopy y and sagged when tucked out. Also if anyone has pics of the fit tucked out, please post.
Anyone know when the regular guys are dropping and what kind of dyes/materials they will be available in when they come out?
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I googled "naked and famous regular guy" and the folllowing came up. Not sure if its a typo or a preview of the regular guys because they look awfully similar the slim guys.http://www.neimanmarcus.com/p/Naked-and-Famous-Denim-RegularGuy-Lightweight-Selvedge-Jeans-Apparel/prod143590162/
how will the regular guys fit?
Anyone know how the slim guys fit in comparison to APC rescues?
For me its not so much the width as much as the length of the shoe that was too big for me. I'm a size 9 in chucks and got a 42 in the w+h sneaker which is equivelent to a 8.5/9. I asked on here if it was going to be a good fit and people agreed and throughout the earlier pages some people e mailed shops and they suggested going to true to size. I guess from now on I'm gonna stick to making more expensive purchases in store.
Good call, throughout this thread many people have said to go true to size and have e mailed shops saying they should go true to size or the same as their cp size.
Does anyone elses w+h sneakers fit true to size? Mine are about a size bigger, I wish I would of sized down but the general advice on here was to go true to size, now I'm part of the extra insoles crowd :(
Thanks alot for the pics. That really helped me out. Would you say the toe cap is more similar to chucks in terms of width and proportions?
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