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    Interesting. Is there a way of determining whether a product has parts of it made overseas and other finishing parts in Italy? I guess you mention it in your post but I was thinking more of a list online of retails that make 100% italian vs those that onyl make 20-30% Italian made clothes.
    Thanks for the article, it was a good read. It's pretty crazy how they say one bag could cost $20 dollars to make and be sitting next to another one that costs $400 to make and they both bear $1500+ price tags. I guess even in luxury fashion it all comes down to greed and profits.
Just got the regular guys not to long ago an they fit great. Finally they make a nice straight leg fit jean. I hope it will come in  different types of denim. Would really kill for a pair of regular guys in the 5oz painter denim right now. Hopefully next season they  can make it happen.
Can someone with some indiser knowledge or industry knowledge give me an inside scoop on the industry. I'm very curious to see what the mark up is for example on  a pair of Gucci shoes or a suit. I've heard many rumors that some luxury products are mostly made in China and tags are put on in Italy.  Is this false, true? Any insight woudl be great.
    I would say go for it as long as you have known your friend to be trustworthy and one of your "closer" friends. Also make sure you guys have similar businesses styles, outlooks, philosophies and ways to run the business because if one of you is inflexible or overly stubborn the business relationship will turn sour and so will the friendship.   Also your young take all the risks you want until your 30 or have kids then the real headaches begin and you begin to think...
Do naked and famous denim fit TTS, bigger or smaller than the labelled size?
Anyone know where I can get the regular guys in indigo?
Really well said. Very insighful analysis.
It's specifically a job crew slim fit oxford. Does it fit similarly to the picture that I posted above? Below is the linkto the shirt
I don't know what tts is in terms of. J crew since there isn't a store close to me, I would be purchasing online What I'm trying to find out is if it will fit similar to the picture below when worn untucked.
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