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I'm liking the innovation and the line up but I'm disappointed that there. Are no regular guy cuts because I can't fit into any other night and for cute because they are too skinny for me. Anyone know if any regular guy cuts will be released in the future?
Thanks for your suggestions. Those are the ones I was looking into purchasing. Just wondering. How the durability of the material is and how will it hold up long term being only 5oz. I would be interested to hear people's opinions of the the five oz painter denim.
Hey Can anyone suggest a good pair of lightweight summer denim jeans that will keep me cool and ventilated during the summer. Must be a slim or straight fit only Thanks
Anyone know how the motor zio hoodie fits and what the quality is like on it? I'm wondering why it's priced higher than the large lop goodies aswell. I'm a 5'11 with a 41 chest should I go with medium or large?
Anyone know if any new styles of the regular guy will be coming out for this season?  
I got the brown lo tops last season for half off. I predict they will go half off again this season. Hopefully grab a pair of black lo tops to compliment the brown ones I have. Maybe a nice blazer at half off too. Buying at retail is overkill for this brand. I expect bigger discounts since overall this season has been somewhat disappointing compared to f/w.
When does sale season generally start for w+h gear?  
It's funny how in this article about LV it says 11 out of 13 manufacturing facilities are in France with the other 2 being in Spain. It's like they are totally lying
I think the only things made entirely in France from LV are the suitcases and custom stuff. I actually wonder what percentage of the goods of LV are made in China.I also read an article on how Louis Vuitton would only make a couple hundred bags a day and each person in the factory in France had a specialty so it took a awhile for the bag to be made but each person was a specialty craftsman with a lot of specialized skill.Ever since the demand grew Bernard restructured the...
    Sarcasm?   I read in a article the owner of LVMH said the luxury market is the only place where you can make luxury profit margins.
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