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Just got the shetland crewneck sweater in. Overall I like the quality and the interior felt lining but it is a bit thin. I decided to go with a medium and I'm not sure if I should have got a large because I feel it may be a bit too tight and after a wash too small. What do you guys think of the fit?  
I researched virgin wool and apparently it's wool that's never been processed before but by industry standards that does not mean it's of a higher quality but marketed to have that perception. Also I don't think the leather patches on the shoulders justify it. You can buy a canada goose jacket for $590. Only reason rate I would buy it at after thinking it over would be if it went 70% off but I doubt that will happen.
Anyone own the hunting sweater? I like the look of it but it seems overpriced. Am I paying a premium for the virgin wool? If so what's so special about it. Any opinions on the sweater would be appreciated.
Anyone know how the shetland sweater fits? Also how is it in terms of quality, warmth, material etc.  
Anyone know how the shetland crewneck sweater is quality wise and warmth wise? Also if I'm 5'11 180lb 41 chest was size should I get? Does the cotton/wool/linen blend shrink alot in the wash?  
Anyone have any mor suggestions?  
Thanks for your suggestions, The bomber jacket does look nice. After exploring the market here in Canada I could not find anything remotely close. You either have the box fitting, poor quality, chinese made danier leather sold at inflatable prices or on the on the other side of the spectrum you have high end designer leather that retails for 2k+ which is out of my price range.   I was looking into getting a cusom jacket done, does anyone know of any good shops that...
Hey everyone,   I'm looking to purcahse a leather jacket similar to the one below (diesel luppy jacket). I want it to have a trim modern fit and a couple of minor details such as the epulets. I would ideally like to find the jacket again but I had it and ripped it while on a drunken night on the town (lamb leather rips like paper). If anyone can give me some good suggestion I would apprecaite it.    
Anyone know how the travel denim straight legs fit?  
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