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Can someone explain to me why a wool hand knit sweater costs much more than a non hand knit sweater? I get that its made by hand but since it is, does that make it high quality? Lastly is virgin wool much high quality than regular wool? Does it also contain higher wool warming capabilities?
Thanks for your help Slone. I already ordered the medium but felt skeptical about the sizing but the Medium fits perfectly not too loose and not too night. So I can confidently say that the hunting sweater is a sweater that you have to size 1 down on. On the other hand the new s/s 13 line looks like you have to size up one. The w+h sizing is all over the place so everyone make sure to double check the measurements before purchasing. Overall the sweater is really thick...
Vajayee is this based on your ownership of the hunting sweater? Because I compared the measurements of the hunting sweater to the large loop hoodie and the hoodie size L is 70 cm and the hunting sweater in size M is 70cm which is why I decided to go with the M and the chest width is approx 40 inches. Anymore opinions would be appreciated.
Anyone know how the hunting sweaters fit? If I'm 180lb 5'11 and a Size 40.5-41 chest do I go with the medium or large? So far I think wool does stretch a bit? (right?) and if anyone knows can you tell me your size in the large loop hoodie and tell me weather you prefer a fitted or baggier type style. Thanks
Wings and Horns website has it in Medium. Full price unfortnately. 'm looking for a charocal one in large on sale . How do you like the sweater overall in terms of fit, fabric, quality, overall appeal?
I'am now forever jealous! J/k. How is it, what do you tihnk of it in terms of fit, quality, warmth, I was still a bit hestitant about the price even at half off but now I regret it.
+1 I found the hunting sweater I wanted. Too bad it seems like the only item that's not on sale. Does anyone know any coupons for the w+h site?
Really wish I copped the hunting sweater at half off, I was hoping they would go half off on the wings and horns website but they seem to have disappeared :(  
Anyone know if the wings and horns website will have 50 percent off of everything like alot of online retailers are doing right now?
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