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How much warmer are these sweaters than your typical Streetwear designed sweaters?
Anyone know where I can find the low top desrt boot in sand suede?
Put tape on the inside of your raw denim about 2.5 to 3 inches high, problem solved.
Anyone know where I can get the desert boot los in sand or oakwood suede in size 9?  Thanks in advance! :)
I can agree with the above poster that for the Expedition parka in particular you have to size down 2 sizes to get your normal size. I'm 5'11 180lb  Semi gym rat build and I usually wear a medium in most packets and sometimes large but in canada goose I had to track down an XS. I know it may sound odd but it's true also for the poster who said it's supposed to be puffy. Yes it is bu theirs a fine line between puffy and oversized in which alot of air gets through...
Ouch Lol sounds like I'm a wool marketing victim by getting virgin wool. I'm guessing virgin wool has no better heating properties than regular wool too?
Thanks for your suggestion. I guess I'm a wool newbie. Going to specifically ook out for Merino wool next season.
Just got my virgin wool sweater. The wool is awfully rough for the premium I paid for it. Is virgin wool typically rougher than normal wool and does it soften up over time?  
Thanks for your detailed reply. I learned a lot from it
Can someone explain to me why a wool hand knit sweater costs much more than a non hand knit sweater? I get that its made by hand but since it is, does that make it high quality? Lastly is virgin wool much high quality than regular wool? Does it also contain higher wool warming capabilities?
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