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The Fitzgerald is the more slimmer cut with higher armholes, surprisingly a Milano fit also exists which is slimmer than the Fitzgerald.
Thanks for the tips Archibaldleach, yeah $336 would be perfect along with tailoring costs would put me in the $400ish range which I['m comfortable with.  I just also read some things about BB blazers not always being the best quality from the reviews on the site, I know a store exists here in Toronto so I'm going to check them out in person first and report back with my findings. Hopefully if it's as nice as you say it is I'm going to withhold until June or until the...
Thanks for the help everyone, looks like the BB cotton linen blazer is the one to go with.   However is BB that much better quality than J crew in terms of blazers? It's a big jump in price so at a retail of $448 it would be an investment piece for me.     Also is there a better time to wait when BB has a sale on blazers?
Anyone know when the chinos will be on sale next?   Or when the next 30% off or more sale will be or the general time it comes around this time of the year?
Anyone know if any new summers cuts of the Regular guy will be coming out?  
Thanks for the help JTA.   Option 3: What would everyone here suggest for a navy blue blazer worn primarily for summer that cannot be linen in the 250-400 price range prefer to stay in the lower end of it if possible.
I want to know this too Rankiz.
Thanks for your help everyone! I looked at some linen blazers but I don't like the texture and weave that they have. I was thinking going with a cotton blazer or linen cotton blazer.   1. What is everyones opnion on a cotton blazer in the summer? Is it bearable in 25+ degree weather? (For those in the USA basically a sunny and humid day)   2. Is cotton chino a good farbric for summer?   3. I've done some research based on everyones suggestions and I came up...
What is the best most comfortable and breathable material for a blazer in the summer? I plan to wear this one casually with jeans and usually a v neck or a button shirt with an open collar. What do you guys recomend? Also would a j crew chino suit suffice for the above reasons?
Hmm looks like chestnut may be the more versatile color and prob requires less maintence too, although I find sand is more fitting for the summer.
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