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Sorry for the newbie question, I'm not to knowledgeable on high end shoes, but what makes Allen Edmonds shoes so special and high quality when compared to others like Gucci, Prada etc.  
Anyone know if a 25-30% sale will happen next? Also do the cotton/linen blend fitzergerald blazers go on sale? Or have so in the past?
Magic Tailor on Yonge st is awesome. I had 2 blazers tailored their. The prices are very reasonable and the quality is excellent. Check his 4.5/5 yelp rating based on 13 reviews to know what I'm talking about. He also knows his trade very well and makes suggestions based on what will specifically fit your body shape. I took in a Jcrew blazer and told him I wanted a slim fit similar to the model but instead of having the sides taken in more to the point where they would...
He's a spoiled rich kid living off of his parents money and doing nothing productive with his life. Despite that the mans got style, I never see him follow any douche trends he just does his own thing and mixes wild colors well and wears some ridcilious suits that match his ridiculious personality. 9/10 fashion style, 1/10 worth ethic, 10/10 spoiled rich kid.
Thanks for your help Blazen, I heard the taper might be really extreme. Do you get any material hugging your calves or causing uncomfort anywhere due to the taper?
How is the fit on these pants?   Is the taper as extreme as others have made it out to be?   I'm 5'11 180lb with a muscular build, normally wear 32 x 32, will the taper turn my legs into snow cones or will there be enough room?   *I know I should try on to find out for myself but I can only order online right now so I appreciate everyones opinion.
Hmm so one person says yes and two say no, what's the overall verdict here?
Hi,   I'm looking to get a pair of J Crew urban slim fit chinos but from the pictures I ntoiced the taper is too much but the colorway I want in them only J Crew offers.   1. My question is, is it possible to take tapered pants and untaper them to make them look straight leg or put a very slight taper on an extremely tapered pair of pants?   2. If so how much should this run me at the tailor approximately?
Can anyone else vouch for the quality of BB blazers or suggest other good summer navy blue blazers?
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