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Anyone know if you usually get htis with tariifs and customs fees  when ordering to Canada from Acrimony?
Nice watches everyone. I wish I could afford some of high end watches but for now I have to stick with my Movado.
Agreed. You should buy what size fits you comfortably and after a few washes it will take on that perfect fit between comfortable and slim.If you size down purposely not only are you downgrading on comfort and function but also run the risk of it being too small after a few washes.
Some stuff is better reserved for the run way than the street, Yohji is a prime example of that.
Do wings and horns hoodies shrink at all after a wash or are they all made pre shrunk? I'm particularily talking about the reverisble zip hoodie.
Dior homme is your best bet for slim jeans. Depends on your budget and fit (tapered, non tapered)
Can anyone suggest a white oxford (can't be see through when worn without an under shirt) that is slim fitting and can be worn tucked in and tucked out without looking long and droopy length wise. Budget is in the $150-180 range
Thanks! That helps alot, now I hav a better idea of which color to get.  
Can anyone please give me a list of online shops that carry RRL?
Sorry if  this is off topic but does anyone have worn pics of any style of red wing in the copper rough and tough colour way? Please post if so :)
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