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Can someone please  give me a list of shops that carry naked and famous in Toronto   Thanks
Yea by a little bit, usually like it when my shirts are smaller than the jackets that I wear them with.
This is how it fits currently, I think I can lose an inch or inch 1/2 in terms of length other than that I'm happy with it. What do you guys think?    
Received it today, It fits good in the shoulders but length wise it's a bit too long. If I got the medium I think it would of been too tight and the shoulder seams wouldn't of aligned right at the edges of my shoulders. I through it into a a hot wash and hoping it shrinks down a good bit. Man it sucks being in between sizes... *sigh*
Thanks for your help Spencer
Can someone please give me some real instructions that I can do at home.  From what i understand the standard method is a hot wash followed by hanging it to dry? Is there any other alternatives (not as exterme as the beach scenario) that can produce the maximium amount of fade?
What is the best way to wash my APC's to achieve maximium fade. Can someone please give me a step by step on what to do.   Thanks
Yea I hear you, still worth contacting them for the simple fact that some of their garmets aren't made to correct quality standards. Not saying that it's a majority of them but even if it happens to more people than us and they let them know they may get new employees or better trainning or we just got unlucky. Regardless I think it's still a good idea to send them an e mail about it.    On the other hand I e mailed Haven about it and got a same day reply from Trevor...
I'm a large in the large loop reversible hoodie. Pulled the trigger on a static grey henly. I'm 5'11 170 41 chest and went with a large too good sizing fit or not?
It's gonna make you look more bad ass than anything from Givenchy
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