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I'm also disappointed that they keep re releasing alot of pieces in the exact same patterns and materials as previous seasons. i like the brand but as a brand that prides itself on exclusivity this is disappointing.
Anyone know what the width of the wings and horns sneakers is in comparison to chuck taylors? Are they the same dimensions, wider or more slim and low profile than chucks?
Didn't you know that adding devil in front of twill increases price by 7 times and adding tiger in front of fleece increases product value by 5 times. Don't question me because I got this straight from the wings+ horns market research facility
Also I was reading a description that mentioned must selvedge jeans do not fray usually but after I got my APC's hemmed they did. Which contributes to my point that I may be using the wrong type of hem on them.
Thanks for your reply. Good point in terms of jeans fraying when you step on them. I usually get all my jeans with the regular hem and always thought the euro hem to be odd. However my thinking was that if I got the euro hem, all the extra material in between would help the jeans last longer and prevent them from fraying quicker.
Can someone tell me which hemming method is better for raw denim? Also which will produce a hemmed pair of selvedge denim jeans that won't fray at the bottom or have a much less chance at fraying in the long term.
I have the large loop reverisble hoodie from this season and its one of the softest and most comfortable hoodies I own. Even more both sides of it are comfortable and not irritable to my skin at all. Can't comment on the comfort of the older pieces though.
No Dutil here, only in Van.
Yea I noticed there is no stock list listings on the website so odd in my opinion. Eithat that or I can't find it. Do all holts locations carry them or only the one on bloor?
I would suggest a Movado. Good quality, swiss made, timeless clean design and saphire crystal to prevent scratches.
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