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How are the made in Thailand sportscoats in terms of quality? $448 seems steep for a blazer made in Thailand.  
Anyone know when the next friends and family or 20% off sale will be?  
Thanks everyone for your feedback. I appreciate it.
Hey everyone,   I'm fairly new to dressing well and have really took in alot of great knowledge from fellow members here. I recently bought my 2nd sport coat in khaki for summer. I bought a J crew ludlow and got it for a great deal. I know a slim fit was what I wanted but I didn't research lapel width too much and didn't know that J crew had one of the skinniest ones. I'm 5'11 180lb athletic build 40 chest. Here is a picture of the suit do you think it is...
Thanks for your help too. Where can I get some of these discounted gift cards?
  You made alot of good points. You're completely right I guess I just had a bad association in my mind with Thailand but like you mentioned I should evaluate it in person which I will be doing. Brooks has a 20% off sale tomorrow and the 19th so I'm going to check out the Fitz then. Thanks for the indepth  advice again.
To be honest I'm not sure what to look for as this is my first blazer. I just associate Thailand with being a haven of fake high end designer goods. Buying a blazer for $450+ and having it made in some sweatshop isn't a good thing either (not that I'm some environemental hippie) just on principal. However you it appears you're very knowledgeable member with alot of good advice so if you can maybe tell me some things to look for in person I'm going to give the BB fitz...
Thanks everyone for their help. I looked into the Fitzergerald blazer more and I called BB to ask where it's made and they told me Thailand. There is no way I'm paying $450+ for a blazer made in Thailand. Can anyone provide me with any other alternatives based on my criteria above?
Do seasonal blazers like the Fitzgerald cotton/linen blazer go on sale during the semi annual sale in June? If so approx how much %off do they go for?
Anyone the quality of the oxfords? Also if I'm 5'11 180 lb 40.5 chest and muscular build should I go with a medium or large?
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